6 Step Golf Lesson

Become a better golfer now! If you’re like many people that play golf, you struggle to have any sort of good golf game. One of the main reasons for this is you simply have the wrong technique to play golf the right way. You need a good teacher to show you how to play.

Get the Right Training

What if you could take lessons from the couch of a top player like Rory McIlroy? Well, now you can with The 6 Step Golf Lesson guide. With this program, you’ll learn a simple 10-minutes per day technique that can drastically improve your golf game. The course trains you so you improve your accuracy, power, and swing. You have nothing to lose as you get a 60-day money back guarantee.

The Course

Your coach is Michael Bannon who has taught Rory McIlroy to play golf. Rory considers him one of the best golf swing coaches ever. You will hit longer shots, straighter shots, and be in total control of your swing with this amazing course.

With this course, you’ll change your muscle memory form bad habits to good ones and your golf swing will improve. This program comes with helpful videos that show you exactly how everything should be done. Become a better golfer today and control the links with Rory McIlroy’s system.

It’s true in golf, as in life: nobody’s perfect. In golf, nobody’s even close. Even the best players have some little hitch in their methods that bedevils them, especially under pressure. Greg Norman once tended to hit the ball well to the right of the target on the closing holes of big tournaments.

Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods have gone through periods when they drove the ball crooked at the worst possible times. Watch your playing companions when they get a little nervous; you can see all sorts of unfortunate events. Putts are left short. Even simple shots take longer to play. Conversation all but stops. Any flaws in their swings are cruelly exposed.

You’re going to develop faults of your own. They’re a given, no matter how far you progress. The trick is catching your faults before they get worse. Faults left unattended often turn into major problems and ruin your game. The cause of most faults is your head position. Your cranium’s position relative to the ball as you strike it dictates where the bottom of your swing is.

The bottom of your swing always depends on where your head is positioned. If you don’t believe us, try this: Shift your weight and your head towards the target onto your left side, while leaving the ball in its regular position. Now make your normal swing with, say, a 6-iron.

The divot made by the club will be more in front of the ball. The bottom of your swing moved towards the target along with your head. The opposite is also true. Shift your weight and head to the right, and the bottom of your swing moves that way.

The 6 Step Golf Lesson Program by Rory McIlroy

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