Surf Training Success

Every day thousands of tourists come to Bali not only to enjoy the beauty of the island, take a dip in the ocean and relax, but also to try surfing. It’s no wonder Bali, in particular, the resort of Kuta, is recognized as the best place in the world for learning this sport. Here the year-round temperature is about 30 degrees, and surf training brings only a sea of ​​positive emotions. You can practice in a T-shirt and shorts, unlike in countries, where the water is so cold that it’s possible to ride only in a diving suit.

By the way, the guide by Cris Mills presents a unique method of learning how to surf as soon as possible. Be sure to download his manual if you want to learn how to ride a board like a pro. Why ride on the board? When you ride the waves, you are flooded with emotions and a feeling of freedom and happiness which can be hardly experienced, doing other sports.

So, having tried once, you will want to repeat again and again. The ocean is so fascinating with its power and force that tourists often return again and again to Bali to conquer the waves, and many fell in love with surfing, drop everything and move to live on the island. Everybody from 3 to 80 can stand on the board and ride the wave. But, learning to surf is not so easy, and you will be required to have a great desire and stamina.

For training, the first step is to stock up sunscreen, T-shirts, and shorts. Surfboard should be the size 8.6 or 9 feet. They are more convenient to st and upon, and they are safe. The safest board considered is a G-board from Australia. Shortly, download the program, buy the necessary sports equipment and let’s go ride on waves:)

Surf Training Success by Cris Mills

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