Total Skiing Fitness 2.0

By | November 10, 2018

Total Skiing Fitness 2.0 provides functional fitness training workouts regimes for skiers. With their training system, you’ll build a better body and become a better skier.


With this program, you’ll find specific exercises to help you become a better skier.  Which Include the following:


It’s important to warm up before you ski. The program shows you how to do this effectively and uses corrective, mobility, and activation exercises so you’re well prepared for your training routine.

Functional Ski Exercises

These exercises work the core, joints so you have more balance and stability which is critical for skiing. You will also perform power exercises to gain strength.

EST Energy System Training

This section will work your cardiovascular system to improve your endurance for better skiing. You will do HIIT exercises or High-Intensity Interval training to maximize your endurance.


You will also work on your flexibility which will reduce the chances that you suffer an injury.

About the Program

The program is designed by Clayton Beatty who has trained skiers and other athletes since 2008. He has helped thousands with his functional training program. You will get the tools you need to train like a professional at home or at the gym. Just follow the program step by step and perform the workouts to see results.

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