The Stress-Free Golf Swing

Golf has incredible traditions. I was lucky to see some legendary Golf clubs in Scotland. This is a stunning view: the fields along the ocean, photos on the walls of the clubhouse showing the beginning of Golf: the players with a cigar in their mouth on the field, as they stand or in the moment of the hit, women in dresses. There are men of 75 years old working in the clubs, they are in the perfect shape, and they know everything about Golf. It is real alma mater of Golf!

The unique difference of Golf is in the deepest decency of the players both in relation to each other and to the game itself. There are no falsifications or deceptions. If someone allows himself to cheat, he will be excluded from the Golf community. Moreover, Golf is a game of patience, your ability to keep emotions, and your ability to win psychologically.

Whatever impression you get from the outside, Golf is a good physical exercise. To be able to have a quality game one requires the good physical shape, because the average size of the field is about 12 km in length. I can tell for myself: when I pass 18 holes — I can lose about 1 kilo of weight, it is guaranteed.

Golf is a smart sport. Passing the field is a serious analytical task; it is your ability to juggle strategy and tactics easily. This is self-improvement; first of all, it is the battle with yourself. Let’s just say I don’t agree with the statement that Golf is boring… You follow the rules of the game, but it is only you who sets the limits or takes them away.

It is both a very individual and team sport. This is a great way to get to know, for example, your business partner. Strategic thinking, team spirit, commitment, fortitude, ethics… You can get the answers to all your questions during one game of Golf. In General, Golf is not just a sport for me, it is the quintessence of intelligence, passion, sport, meditation, aesthetics, nature – in a word, it is a certain way of life.

Unfortunately, there are many stereotypes around Golf: inaccessible, boring, far away, not the good level of the fields, nowhere to learn, short season, etc. All together and individually, it is not true! Of course, Golf is a new sport in many countries of the world, but now anyone can find the best way to this game.

The main thing is to be patient as in any other sport you should. You cannot get everything in Golf at once! However, if your willpower allows you to overcome the resistance zone, then you will start getting incredible pleasure.

When I started playing, I realized very quickly that a golfer should have a choice of tracks, as in Alpine skiing. They have to be different, unpredictable, they are your opponent and your partner at the same time. Basically, Golf is not a sport that you can just watch on TV, like football or tennis, and say, “Wow, I want to practice.” Someone should invite you to Golf…

That had happened to me: somehow, we were talking about training in a group organized by one of my good friends. After the first training sessions, I was still bad in the game. That attracted me immediately: I saw how the others played beautifully, and I wanted to be the same.

I played well after a few months. The knowledge I gained while studying in a Golf group was not wasted. I practiced my skills on the indoor court. Of course, this helped to pose a blow and to work the technique out. I am not going to stop now and will continue to learn Golf.

The Stress-Free Golf Swing by Jeff Richmond

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