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The Stress-Free Golf Swing – PDF book download, by Jeff Richmond. The opening shot of any round is often the most stressful. You’re not into your round yet. Even the practice shots that you may have hit aren’t the realthing. And people are nearly always nearby, watching, when you hit that first shot. If you’re like most golfers, you’re intimidated by even the thought of striking a ball in full view of the public.

How a player reacts to first-tee jitters is an individual thing. You just have to get out there and do it and see what happens. Common symptoms: Blurred vision. A desire to get this over and done with as soon as possible. Loss of reason.

The most common mistake, however, is doing everything twice as fast as you normally would. By everything, we mean looking down the fairway, standing up to the ball, swinging — the lot. Your increased pace is due to the misguided notion that if you get this swing over with really quickly, no one will see it. It’s the hit-it-and-go syndrome and you should avoid it.

I remember when my golf swing wasn’t where I wanted it to be. I had a bad grip, a bad takeaway, a bad position at the top. I wasn’t comfortable with myself, so how could I be comfortable with others watching? I’d get up there, hit the ball as soon as I could and get out of the way. After I understood the mechanics of my swing, that dread went away. Suddenly I stood over the ball as long as I wanted to. I thought about what I was doing, not about what others were thinking. I wanted people to watch, to revel in the positions in my golf swing, because they were good positions. I didn’t mind showing off.

Being too concerned about your audience is really a social problem. Rather than taking refuge in your pre-shot routine and whatever swing thought you might favour, you’re thinking about what others may be thinking. The secret to overcoming this problem is to immerse yourself in your routine. Say, ‘Okay, I’m going to start behind the ball. Then I’m going to look at my line, take five steps to the ball, swing the club away to the inside and turn my shoulders.’ Whatever you say to yourself, just remember to focus internally. Focus on you and forget about them. To learn more, download Jeff’s ebook now!

The Stress-Free Golf Swing by Jeff Richmond

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Stress-Free Golf Swing PDF Free Download