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Many professional athletes and amateurs meet the problem of increasing the power performance. In team sports success largely depends on the strength and height of a jump. Therefore, a volleyball player, a basketball player and even gymnast sooner or later think about how to learn to jump high. The best solution in this situation will be the program Folker System Vert Shock. The author Adam Folker describes in detail his method of increasing the height of the jump by 9-15 inches.

Most interesting is that this guide is very effective to increase the height of the jump. One of my friends was able to increase the height of his jump by 10 inches within a month. Of course, he worked almost every day on this system. But it is not easy to pull the fish out of work. Isn’t it? For lazy people, I will give some advice about how to increase the height of jumps when you are at home.

On the question of how to increase jump height in basketball and any other sport, every coach will say: “You should improve general physical condition”. And it is pure truth. To guarantee success the athlete needs to be hardy, strong, and healthy. Against the background of overall physiological well-being, any sportsman should do exercises aimed at developing of specific muscle groups.

Jumping rope is the most popular exercise in any type of sport. In boxing, for example, skipping rope is the primary tool for the development of muscle strength. Basketball players, volleyball players, and gymnasts are sure to include jumping rope in their exercise program.

This simple and available for everyone element makes it possible to develop the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. Jump a rope for 15-20 minutes a day, gradually increasing the time up to half an hour. In 2-4 weeks you will notice a significant improvement. To implement your plan to increase the height of your jump, push off the surface with both feet. Keep your ankles as close to each other as possible.

Squats are one of the basic exercises in bodybuilding. Squats with weights develop all the muscles of legs, abdominals and lower back muscles. Thus, the only exercise allows you to strengthen all muscle groups that are necessary for high jumping. Answering the question of how to jump higher in basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, we offer to very conventional squats the same exercise with pushing.

Squat down to a parallel line with the floor and jump out with force of that position. The main condition is that the time of landing should be as short as possible. The large amplitude of squats will helps you make maximum use of all muscle groups of the legs. Do 10-15 squats, then take a break for 3-4 minutes

Rises on the toes strengthen your calf muscles. This exercise must be done many times. Do 20-30 reps for the full amplitude. In the final phase of the exercise, you must stand on your toes. Then slowly go down on your heels. Exercise should be done without jerks. As you increase stamina add the weights. Take dumbbells or proceed to jump on the toes instead of usual rises.

Athletes offer the best program to increase jump height. That is why I strongly recommend you to download Adam Folker’s manual. You will need to train 3-4 times a week, so your muscles had time to recover.

In this case, you get maximum effect without over-training, muscle tension and wear and tear of muscles. To make your highest jump in height, you will have to pay close attention to it. Exercises for the development of jumping ability must be performed systematically, without gaps and without concessions. I wish you good luck! Thank you!!

Folker System Vert Shock by Adam Folker

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