Body for Golf

Ask yourself a few questions. The first – for what do you want to learn how to play golf? Will it be your job, or you need a golf course exclusively for recreational purposes? In the latter case, you can get the basic skills and continue to rely on the patience of your friends. If you’re ready to immerse your head in the subject, in the hope to quickly master the skill, you won’t be able to do it without a good golf pro.

That is why I am pleased to present this new guide. The author Susan Hill is a true professional golfer. The information in her guide is very effective for learning the game of golf. The surest way to success is to start moving in the right direction. In this way, it is desirable to seek advice not only when you encounter a problem.

It is important to know what you are doing right and wrong. A good hint, of course, can be given by your friends, but it’s better to ask a professional who is trained to give golf lessons. Learning how to play this game is quite simple. Participants can have different skills and levels of training, and the judge is not necessary, since, before entering the field, each player receives a special card for counting the strokes and determining the result.

Before you begin to learn the game of golf, you need to buy a stick. But first, visit a few trial lessons, decide whether you fit this sport, and only then buy the equipment. Note that experts recommend not to spend money on items from well-known manufacturers. If you purchase an expensive stick and don’t know how to play golf, it can be understood by experienced players as a bad taste.

Body for Golf by Susan Hill

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