The Flight System

Fostering of abilities and skills, which are called physical, are the basis of any athlete training. People aiming to learn the high jump and achieve results, initially need to learn the truth: this can only be done through the development of skills. The repetition of exercises with an emphasis on skills leads to the fact that their execution occurs reflexively.

The human psyche is arranged in such a way that without knowing the action he can’t perform the action. Often before the start, the athletes draw their leaps in the imagination or even verbalize their actions. The imagination is a kind of action program. Error in the imagination will inevitably lead to error in actions.

This component of training is called the ideomotor component. Multiple visualization & pronunciation of the action also stimulate the muscle and circulatory system, the same as the repetition of physical exercises.

Thus, on the basis of the training is work on the technique of the jump, the work on an ideomotor component and, of course, psychological mindset: I can – I should – I will do.

The high jump is a multi-level and multi-component kind of sport that consists of several interrelated elements. There are the following allocated items: run-up, pushing, the integrated flight and, finally, technical landing. In the run-up, the energy accumulates that will help the muscles to make the leap. This energy at the beginning of the jump has a horizontal direction.

The kinetic energy of the push (repulsion) lets the horizontal accumulated energy concentrate in the vertical direction. The most difficult phase of a vertical jump is a flight. Body in flight makes a set of complex movements with a purpose to move the center of mass of the body, to overcome the force of gravity and to carry the body and legs over the bar. Technically competent landing is necessary to avoid contusions and herbs.

Many experienced athletes have come to the conclusion, and the beginners should understand it at once that training for the technical execution of these elements can be consistent. First, an athlete should train a run-up, then a push, a flight, and landing.

Such training works on the skills, build strength and energy of muscles, and, of course, they work over the will and psychology of a winner. To solve these tasks the tactics must be chosen: yearly, the monthly, weekly cycle should be determined, exercises should be selected, results should be planned. By the way, recently Chris Barnard’s program “The Flight System” appeared. With the help of this guide, it is possible to achieve excellent results in the development of jumping in a very short time.

To learn to jump high, you need to tighten your physical condition and strengthen some muscles. Let’s discuss in detail one way of learning to high jump. First, you need to warm up the phalanges of the toes. This will allow you to land softly. Then you can do your ankle. Slowly rotate both feet clockwise.

Decide which of your legs is a take-off leg. To do this, just ask a friend to lightly push you in the back. The leg that will go forward is your take-off leg.

After the warm-up proceeds to the second stage. Do push-ups 10 times, and then put on the moderate weight. As a load, you can use a special belt with sand or other appliances. Jump 250 times without the rope. Every day you need to gradually increase the number of jumps.

Then proceed directly to the training. Start with jumping from a height. Let it be a low stool or chair at first. Learn to jump with both feet.

This exercise will help you to develop the muscles of the ankle, shins, and knees.  Do twenty jumps every day. Reduce the burden on the legs when landing.

The third and final stage of your workout is jumping to a basketball ring. First, choose a suitable site. This can be a gym or a park with trees. In the first case, you need to practice jumping to the ring pushing off with legs during the run-up. While in the park, find a branch above your head and try to reach it.

If you combine classes in the basketball section with the given above method, it is possible to learn jumping high and to achieve excellent results in basketball.

The Flight System by Chris Barnard

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