Wedding Speeches For All

Wedding invitation always invokes pleasant feelings: we rejoice in the fact that we will witness a union of loving hearts and also feel confused because we need to figure out how to originally congratulate the newlyweds with a wedding, what gift to give.

First, you need to decide how much money you can spend on a gift. It’s great if you’re not strapped for cash, then you can give expensive appliances, furniture, a trip, an apartment or a car.

But an expensive gift is not always an attribute of an unforgettable wedding. It can happen that an inexpensive, but original present will be remembered for a long time, and will cause a lot more emotion. It is also important what you say to the newlyweds during your greeting.

That’s why I recommend that you download John Wilson’s and Belinda Hamilton’s book Wedding Speeches For All. With this guide, you’ll easily compose a unique, sincere greeting for the newlyweds.

Original cash wedding gifts for the newlyweds

You can, of course, save yourself a headache and give money, but this is banal. Therefore, you have to do it in an original way. You can make a carpet out of money. Take the bills of the same value and glue them together with tape, and do either a figure (for example, a heart or two rings), or write a greeting from the bills of other value. To make sure that the couple could use the money afterward, it’s better to put the bills in the files, and then connect them to each other.

Make “designer diapers.” To do this, take a pack of diapers and attach the bills of different denominations. And arrange the diapers themselves in the form of a cake, for example.

Another way on how to originally congratulate the newlyweds on their wedding day is to take a real brick, sign it instead of a card and put money into a beautiful bag and stick it to the brick. Or decorate the brick with money – it’s like “for your home, we give you the first brick and some money for the second one”.

Buy an umbrella, and tie the bills to each spoke. When the newlyweds open it, money rain will “pour” on them.

Place the bills instead of photographs into the photo album.

To exchange money for small bills, tie each pile of paper ribbons. Buy suitcase or trunk and put it in piles of money.

Take a large box, for example, from the television, decorate  the sidewalls inside with wallpaper, place toy furniture inside (sold in any children’s store), you can put two toys, symbolizing the bride and the groom (for a more convincing effect you can even stick cut out photographs of the faces of the newlyweds on the heads of toys ). You can also decorate the walls of the “house” with the photos of the bride and the groom.

Buy a small box or a safe, where you will put your cash gift. Present this gift saying that the house is a symbol of the old life of the newlyweds, but there is space for a new story of their love. And all the content will be useful for their little daughter.

The idea for parents on how to originally congratulate the newlyweds. Buy a package of Kinder Surprise, carefully unpack them with a hot knife and put a bill into each egg, glue the eggs with melted chocolate or chocolate paste. In one of the eggs, you can put the keys to an apartment or a car.

Present such a bundle of eggs with the words: “May your life be sweet and full of surprises.” Or buy ordinary chocolate bars, gently expand and insert the bills, seal and give. You can pack the bars nicely, decorated with ribbons and bows. Wedding Speeches For All course consist of:

  1. Father of the Bride Speeches
  2. Father of the Groom Speeches
  3. Mother of the Bride Speeches
  4. Mother of the Groom Speeches
  5. Maid of Honor Speeches
  6. Bride Speeches
  7. Groom Speeches
  8. Best Man Speeches

Wedding Speeches For All by John Wilson & Belinda Hamilton

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