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Even if a woman has never had any problems with being overweight, it becomes harder and harder to keep yourself in shape when approaching menopause. If you encounter this problem, you will be interested in a new study to help women lose weight and do not gain extra weight. For more detailed coverage of the topic download the guide by Kyle Umland. Following the recommendations in this manual, a week later you will notice as the extra kilos will leave.

According to the study, failures when trying to lose weight can be explained by a combination of factors. For instance, the motivation to continue to stick to a healthy diet can decrease after reaching certain results, resulting in a woman again getting back to her former way of life and gain weight. Also, after weight loss, the rate of metabolic processes slows down. Muscle mass and fat consume calories, even when we are resting.

The less we weigh, the fewer calories our body burns. Women who have reached menopause, are forced to deal with the consequences of hormonal changes, changes in lifestyle and genetic predisposition. During menopause, women are less physically active, which leads to weight gain. In addition, they lose muscle mass which is compensated by fat. The study, which results were published in the magazine Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, was attended by over 500 women.

Within four years, they adhere to certain tips on nutrition, such as the increase in the number of fish, fruits, and vegetables in the diet, reducing the consumption of sugary drinks, sweets, meat, and cheese, as well as the rejection of frequent trips to restaurants. As a result, the most persistent participants who listened to this advice, not only lost weight but kept their new weight for four years. These small changes, according to scientists, are possible for everyone and can be very useful to those who want to stay in good shape, despite their age.

“All unnecessary harms” – says the old adage. Harms, therefore, also the fact that a person has excessive body weight and a large excess amount of fat reserves. It had long been considered a sign of health and well-being, as it was considered at a time when people were condemned to suffering because of a lack of food as a result of crop failures, and wars, and when depleted, especially the children, quickly fell ill and died more often than those who ate OK.

Now almost one-third of the world’s population is literally starving, one-third of humanity has enough food, but not suitable in composition (deficiency of proteins and vitamins), and one third, simply put, are overeating. We are in – both unfortunately and fortunately – the last group.

Fortunately – because we all have the right to work, education, and because of this – enough food. Unfortunately – because we do not know how to, sitting at a rich table, eat moderately, and select only necessary to preserve the healthy food, not conducive to the development of obesity. So, let’s take ourselves in hands and declare war on excess weight already from today. It’s so great to be a healthy person.

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