Why He Disappeared

Why do so many successful women are usually alone? Why for beautiful women it’s so difficult to find a soul mate? What to do in such a situation? These and other questions answered in Evan Marc Katz’s guide. From childhood, we are told that a good education and a decent career – it is something without which you can not live good.

We collect excellent grades, awards, competitions, then occupy a cozy armchair, settling in it lead closer to the sacred figure of 30, when it demands the rapidly changing “color”. Now nobody wants to hear about personal growth and annual bonuses. Everyone wants to know only one thing: did you already get married? With this, educated and employed a matter of 20 to 24 hours a day, women have special problems. What prevents intelligent women to enter into a perfect marriage?

To answer this question, be sure to read the book by Evan Marc Katz. Initially intended that marriage should be to help people to survive economically, to ease the burden of daily work. In other words, the peasants have always been more interested in the marital union to delegate responsibilities on the farm, and the phrase “a wife without a husband, a hat without a head” made sense.

Rich layers of the population, a domestic business may shift to third parties and thus transform marriage into a kind of alliance with the same interests, which is not meant room “employment” of his wife at the stove or in the field. Similarly, a woman who knows how to make their own way of life does not see the need for support from the outside, especially if the “support” is a threat to her quiet life. Remedy: search for a soul mate, guided by the advice from Evan’s manual.

Why He Disappeared by Evan Marc Katz

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