21 Day Sugar Detox

Addiction to sweets is one of the most insidious temptations. Only a few lucky people can pass the show-window of the candy store with a highly raised chin and refuse one or two candies for tea. However, not all the sweet addictions take the exquisite form of the beautiful cupcake or gourmet chocolate bar: it often turns into a sugar binge without limits and analysis.

How to break this pattern? I personally got help using Diane Sanfilippo’s program 21 Day Sugar Detox. I think this detox guide is one of the best for getting rid of the dependency on sweets. You can download it via the link on this page.

Addictions to sweets in recent decades become a hot topic not only at home but also between scientists. The studies are really scary: scientists more often compare sugar fans to drug addicts, warning them that the sweets do not just give you a fleeting delight, but also lead to addiction to them,  which eventually can ruin one’s health.

Meanwhile, the history of the sugar industry is only about two hundred years old. Today on the market there are many kinds of sugars, that are different from each other not only by “bloodline” but also by appearance. White refined sugar, which has the greatest distribution in the food industry as well as in-home cooking quite often ( and, apparently, not without a reason) is being “demonized”.

Due to its ability to completely dissolve in various substances and make the food taste more appealing, refined sugar – secretly or openly – becomes the main ingredient in a variety of industrially produced food.

These include not only the pastries and baking goods, but also sodas, juices, sauces, yogurts, and dairy products, meat products, and all kinds of semi-finished products. In addition to the psychological work on oneself and the ability to properly control your stress and rest, you can successfully fight your sweets cravings will the help of the following tips.

Add more protein sources to your diet – it’s satiating power and the slow digestion will help to control your hunger and decrease the desire to grab something sweet between the meals.

The best to eat is organic farm meat and poultry (meats that are grown in a free environment and not stuffed with hormones) and fish caught in natural eco-friendly waters. Do not forget about vegetable proteins – beans and nuts are non-toxic, easy to digest resources.

Visit an endocrinologist and a gynecologist – compulsive cravings for sweets may be one of the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction or infection candidiasis.

Consult your doctor about your vitamin B intake – vitamin B helps the nervous system qualitatively resist the daily stress of city life. Mainly the stress often triggers cravings for sweets, because it helps the inadequate production of cortisol hormone, which is responsible for fat reserves, and cravings for unhealthy foods.

Sugar substitutes will not help with the sweets addiction – studies have shown that they are opposite and increase the desire to reach out for a sweet delight.

To avoid the frustration caused by refusing to eat your favorite treats, pamper yourself with dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa). The benefit of this delicacy is recognized by many nutritionists – its rich flavor allows you to feast a little, cocoa protein – will make you feel full even if you eat a small amount, and its antioxidant characteristics will be beneficial to your health.

The natural sweet – carob is also a healthy alternative to harmful sweet products and does not contain substances that contribute to the appearance of addiction to sweets.

To get rid of addiction to sweets – do not buy sweets! Avoid low-fat products – mostly to improve the flavor they are filled with trivial sugar, and this, as we already know, a vicious circle – the sugar leads to even more sugar.

21 Day Sugar Detox by Diane Sanfilippo

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