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By | November 6, 2018

Matt Stirling - Lean Belly Detox review authorIt’s no secret that women and men of all ages and nationalities tend to look younger and prettier. But, perhaps, the main cause of human anxiety is in the extra pounds. This problem is especially urgent after forty. At this age, our body is more exposed to the risk of “problem zones”. The question of how to lose weight to a woman or a man after 40 years is relevant at all times. The book Lean Belly Detox presents a revolutionary method of losing weight for those over forty. You will be able to lose weight without any damage to your health. Be sure to download this manual in the format now! Then you will regret that you did not listen to the opinion of Matt Stirling. Why do we get fat? First of all, we need to understand why fat is put off where it was not expected at all.

In the process of life we spend energy, which our intelligent organism receives from carbohydrates. When carbohydrates end, energy begins to be produced from fats, and they are thus burned, not lingering anywhere. That is, if there are too many carbohydrates, then the fat will not come to fat, and he, left unharmed, will settle down happily on our sides, abdomen, etc. Recently, scientists have established that every decade a person loses 2, 5 kg of muscle mass and gets 3-4 kg of adipose tissue. And all because of the fact that over the years, namely after the forty, we move much less, and eat the same, if not more. Therefore, to lose weight to a woman or a man after 40 years, you need to move as much as possible and be outdoors. This will help accelerate the metabolism. To lose weight after 40 years will also help physical exercises that strengthen muscles and burn fat. It can be aerobics, swimming, strength exercises in the gym, running, walking. Good luck slimming, friends!

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