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A woman recently asked me, “how do you think, do women in the United States like themselves?”. I had to say: “Alas, no!”. “Why?”. Let’s try to answer this question. In fact, as it is sad to admit, but the vast majority of women do not like themselves! And not only in America. And there are several reasons for it. I do not presume to say which of them will be the main. So, just try to consider those to which I came by reflection on this issue.

The reason is that none of us since childhood is taught about it. I know that there are exceptions. And there are families in which girls learn to love themselves. But, firstly of all, this is an exception. Secondly, I will talk about the true love of yourself. And not about those situations where a beautiful girl is only admired, praised and pet.

And as a result, grow a proud, but cold and unfeeling beauty. Another important reason why women do not like themselves is being overweight. Download the guide by Alina Petre and you are guaranteed to rid your body of excess fat in just three weeks. Why are we not taught to love ourselves since childhood? It is difficult to learn something if you yourself do not know it and do not know how to do it.

Our mothers did not like themselves, and for that reason could not teach us to do it. Moreover, the generation of my mother grew up in very difficult circumstances, when a person couldn’t do anything for himself! I’m not talking about the clothing that women wore at that time! Dear ladies, let’s not forget about ourselves. Let’s start with the body:)

21 Day Weight Loss Code by Alina Petre

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