30 Day Detox

Every day we are faced with a huge variety of harmful substances; they get into our body with food, water, inhaled air, and medications, as well as through the skin. Toxins are even produced in the process of metabolism. Fortunately, the human body is able to get rid of bad accumulations in a natural way. However, when the flow is significantly increased it becomes difficult to cope with this task, and then the body starts accumulating toxins.

They are deposited in tissues and organs, and to remove them from the body needs additional energy. Some of the toxins are capable of causing significant harm, and if their concentration exceeds the limit, we have different ailments: fatigue, decreased performance, headache, dizziness, the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, allergic reactions to certain foods or inhaled substances.

How to properly do body cleansing — or detonation at home? Kyra Williams is giving the answer to this question in the book 30 Day Detox. You can download this guide via the link at the bottom of the page. Recommend to anyone who cares about the health and doesn’t want to be sick.

As you know, any mechanism from time to time needs cleaning or prophylaxis. To perform the purification of the organs and systems of man is also quite possible — this process is called detoxification. Our body has multiple filtration systems. It includes the intestines, kidneys, skin, liver, and adipose tissue.

And if the liver is a veritable factory for the conversion of toxins into harmless substances, the kidneys, intestines, and skin — is a way of removing the formed accumulations. But adipose tissue is a present depot, which accumulates toxins and wastes. To throw them out, you need to reduce the fat content in the body, throwing off a few pounds.

Therefore, if you decide to undergo detoxification at home, start with the important — go on a low-calorie diet to restore the normal functioning of the liver and pancreas. You should abandon fatty, fried and smoked food, calories and saturated free radicals, and also from sweet, salty and marinades.

The second condition for a successful cleanse — constant intake of fluids, which will help remove toxins from the blood and intercellular spaces. If the kidneys are working properly, then fluid should be no less than two and a half to three liters, mostly mineral water, green and herbal teas.

Now about the diet: it must be rich in dietary fiber fruits and vegetables, especially vegetables with green leaves. The spinach, lettuce leaves, young shoots, and asparagus, green peas, cucumbers and various types of cabbage, for example.

Consume more foods that contain antioxidants which reduce the synthesis of free radicals in the body and facilitating their timely removing from the body. And this is primarily different red, yellow and green vegetables, such as carrots, sweet paprika, tomatoes, celery, parsley.

Fruits: oranges, lemons, kiwi, apples and apricots. A big help in the cleansing of a body provides antioxidant lycopene. This antioxidant is in the lineup of tomatoes. Therefore, drink tomato juice up to three times a week. Omega-3 is the essential fatty acid, which can be found in sea fish and other seafood, as well as in olive oil, fish oil, nuts, and seeds.

This acid improves the efficiency of enzymes in speeding up the binding and removing toxins from the body. In addition, your menu should present a complete protein – fish, eggs, poultry meat.

30 Day Detox by Kyra Williams

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