51 Handsome Guy Secrets

Dear readers, Ryan Magin’s brand new guide will help you to become even more handsome. Isn’t that beautiful?! What do people think about this program? Find two testimonials on Ryan’s manual below.

Zack Zeller says: “Hey Ryan! I’ve been a long time tan of your work all the way from the 101 testosterone boosting days. Ifs great to see how successful you’ve grown – and all the awesome fucking value you pump out every single day! I got your handsome guy secrets program around July and now that Eve had a few months to build up the wardrobe and now back at school I love the results. I get way more attention from girls walking around and occasionally they could approach me. Plus Eve been getting laid about 10-fold more often (but Jason Capital may have earned some credit for that). But anyway you’re a fucking beast who has definitely changed my life for the better, keep it up. 111 make it down to Florida let’s take over a club and show them how you do it one level above everyone else.”

And John Majdan says: “So, some of you guys should remember my post a couple of months ago about losing some weight and changing my style, where my ex said I looked gay (no offense.) Now a couple of days ago she says she’s noticed I’ve been dressing better and look better. I asked since when and she says since I lost the weight. BAM! There it is. Vindication. I like a lot of the stuff out there, Jason Capital, Adam Gilad. etc. But I think Ryan’s stuff is the most fun and can have a quick impact in all areas of life, personal and business. Thanks again, Ryan. Off to get a haircut from a real stylist. Haha”

51 Handsome Guy Secrets by Ryan Magin

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