7 Minute Mindfulness

Each of us becomes a kind of skeptic when he hears phrases like “put order around to attract good luck.” Of course, you do not have to believe in the laws of universal attraction, feng shui, methods of attracting luck and consider it all nonsense, but the fact remains that the rule works. We all want more money, fame, recognition, love, luck, delicious food. And what if it already stands on your doorstep, but can not enter in any way, because there is simply no place for? It’s like in that anecdote when everyone demands change, but nobody wants to change …

I’m glad to introduce you, dear readers of my site, the program Seven Minute Mindfulness. Scott Mason’s system will improve your life at the expense of your internal resources through a meditation using a unique technique. About which you have never heard before. So do not miss this guide if you have a feeling of dissatisfaction with life. Here are a couple of tips that will help you finally put things in order. Rack up, in the end, all the trash and give the opportunity to something new and good to appear on your life’s path!

Get rid of all the unnecessary things that surround you

The order is needed everywhere: at home, in the workplace and even in the car. You need to get rid of not only those things that you no longer use but even from those that will not benefit you in the future. Imagine for a moment that you have already achieved the heights that you have dreamed of. Are this leaky stretched T-shirt and an old towel that has long sodden fit into that picture?

Make an audit in every room, closet, drawer, on each shelf. The selection criterion is simple: by looking at everything, ask yourself, would you like her to get into your new “improved” life. How old is this gown? Where did this tenth jacket come from, which you do not even remember? And where is the lid from this jar? Each old thing is, in fact, unrealized dreams and plans. Therefore, by getting rid of old things, you prepare the way and free space for something new. Please, do such general cleaning today!

Put an order in the relationship

This may sound a little strange, but in relationships, as with things, it’s also worth checking. You know very well that you are directly dependent on the people you surrounded yourself with. And it’s good when these people love you, support when you can fully rely on them. And what if it is not so, and you just pull many relationships out of habit, “because it is so” or “because it’s a pity”?

It is proved: it does not usually lead to anything good. You must be 100% sure of who is near you. After all, the main thing in this issue is not quantity, but quality. Therefore, if you want to attract good luck to yourself, turn around and look closely at those who are around. Maybe many of them just take their place in your life?

Throw out all the garbage from your head

Disorder at the physical level is not the worst thing. Disorder of thoughts, a kind of chaos in your head and inability to plan your time interferes with the flows of vital energy to fill your life. Rule number one: remember forgiveness. This is very important if you want to go further. I wish you great success and much happiness, dear reader!

7 Minute Mindfulness by Scott Mason

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