Total Money Magnetism

Let’s talk today about how to attract money into your life. And not just about attracting money, but how money positively affects our lives. So, how to attract money to the family budget? What we get by attracting money into your life? And why someone has a lot of money, and he earns them quite easily, while others have quite opposite situation for many years in spite of their desire to become rich?

As a rule, all the events of our lives are rooted in our minds, in our subconscious images, and in our convictions. And if you want something, but at the same time convinced yourself that it is “shameful and bad”, in this case, you do not get what you want. If you think about bringing money but feel guilty, that is the reason why there is no money in your pocket.

Moreover, you can often hear: “We need to think less about money, let’s take care of our soul, give all our savings to sects, organizations and so on.” This is how you support your sense of guilt and shame. But only a few wrote and said that when a person is poor, hungry and in need of money, he will not have time, energy and desire to think about his soul. By the way, I become rich because of Dr. Steve G. Jones’ book “Total Money Magnetism“. You can download this guide via the link on this page.

Have you ever think about why people praise of poverty and criticize the wealth? And those people who want to make money, are condemned. Have you ever think about that most people always criticize the things they want to see in their lives? I’ve always wondered,  if such a person, who shouts the loudest: “How can you talk about attracting money because it is bad to be rich and money – is the evil”.

But if he gets a couple of million tomorrow? Let’s be honest, without human mold and habits of thoughts  – would you refuse from money? You have to understand one thing – if you want money to appear in your life,  it is not enough to repeat the mantra automatically and use various rituals for attracting money. The first step is to get rid of feelings of guilt, shame and stop condemn yourself for money that you want to attract into your life. And you will succeed!

Total Money Magnetism by Dr. Steve G. Jones

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