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Everybody has belly fat, even those, whose bellies look absolutely flat. It becomes a problem only when one finds too much fat: a large waist isn’t only unpretty but can be a sign of various health problems. How to get rid of belly fat and normalize your body? There is an easy answer, it is the Alt Shift diet guide. Following the weight loss plan by Jason Seib, you’ll easily lose extra weight and will never gain it back.

Belly fat can be a problem not only for stout people but also for the slim, and this is not only subcutis but visceral fat. Some amount of belly fat both visceral and subcutis necessary for a human being, but excessive fat causes a high probability of developing such disorders as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular illnesses, dementia and several types of cancer, such as breast cancer and colon cancer.

Fat is stored in the body not only for a case of starvation but also it functions as a thermoregulator in cold weather periods.

Besides, it can produce harmful substances, and the more fat the body has, the more substances get into it. In addition, when there is too much fat, it starts to deposit in different places, including various apparatus, inside and outside. So, losing weight is necessary not only for the aesthetical purpose but for health protection as well.

It’s possible to estimate the amount of subcutis and visceral fat either with the help of computed tomography or magnetic resonance tomography. At home, you also can find out if you should concern with your body weight. Take a measuring tape and measure your waist. If its size is smaller than 88 cm for females and 101 cm for males then the amount of fat is not dangerous for your health, though, probably, it doesn’t look nice already. If your waist size exceeds these limits, there is a risk that exuberant fat depot can lead to serious health problems.

Hypernormal count of visceral fat may deposit in the bodies of people with a normal weight, but who lead a sedentary lifestyle. The following recommendations for reducing belly fat depot can be used by everyone, regardless of their weight and waist size.

Alt Shift Diet by Jason Seib

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