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Adhering to this fat loss guide, you will easily be able to lose weight without feeling excruciating hunger that is characteristic of the trendy diets. The tips described in Brad Pilon’s eBook Eat Stop Eat are not complicated. You may have not even to do them completely because the effect will come much faster. Below is my selection of wonderful tips for losing weight.

Chew thoroughly. Try to chew each bite at least 25 times, before sending it into your stomach. Two positive related effects are not long in coming: first, well-chewed food is easier to digest; secondly, there is a message of the gums to prevent periodontal disease. If you are going to visit or at a banquet where there seems to be a hearty dinner, eat two soft boiled eggs at home. This will provide a feeling of satiety, and you will be easier to resist temptations.

Can’t you say no to desserts? Be aware that it is very dangerous for your figure. So replace sweet compotes and pies cottage cheese on your menu. Fasting days. You will become to lose weight automatically if you often arrange fasting days such as tea day, cottage cheese day, potato day. It will not be tedious to you, if you cook, giving free rein to their imagination.

Do you love fried food? Then cook using a Teflon pan that is not required fat. Uncooked vegetables. Every day eat at least one dish made of raw vegetables (carrots, cabbage, cucumbers). They are low in calories and rich in vitamins. Cut the bread, sausage, and cheese thin, transparent slices. Try to visually trick your stomach.

Rice day. Rice contains very little sodium (connecting the fluid in the body), but a lot of potassium (banishing fluid). If at least once a week you have a rice day (you can only add neutral or alkaline mineral water, but not oil!), you will lose up to 1 kg of liquid and end products of metabolism.

Small plates. Serve in plates of small size. So you will automatically eat less. Go shopping only after breakfast. Never go shopping on an empty stomach. Otherwise, you buy food a third more than it is necessary for you and your family.

A glass of water. 10 minutes before each meal, it is advisable to drink a glass of mineral water. The stomach is filled, hunger is felt less. You also get minerals that accelerate digestion.

Fish day. Arrange a fish day once a week. The body’s need for vitamin D will be covered for the whole week. Fish, except for some species, contain little fat and saturates well. Marine fish also reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Dried fruits. Dried fruits should always be in your home, for example, prunes, dried apples. Between meals, if you feel very hungry, you can eat 3-4 prunes or as many slices of apples.

Natural juice. You should drink juice only for the whole day and eat nothing. So you will lose up 500 g of excess weight. This day: 3/4 liter of juice, unlimited mineral water, and herbal tea. But do not practice this day more than once a week.

Ripe apples. Apples are the perfect food. They soothe the nerves and fill the stomach, improve digestion. One apple before a meal is enough. Better more often, but less. Eat 5 times a day at least.

Do you want to lose weight? There is nothing easier. Download this guide and follow the advice of the author. I am sure that you will soon be able to lose weight.

Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon

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