Baby Sleep Miracle

By | November 6, 2018

Mary-Ann Schuler - Baby Sleep Miracle review authorThe dream of a young mother is like Morse code: feed, cover, calm, feed again, listen to breathing. And so from 4 times a night to infinity. No wonder that a woman in this mode does not relax, can not fully rest and after a few months already is in chronic stress. The baby, in turn, feels the mood of the mother – and becomes even more restless and tearful. The book Baby Sleep Miracle will help you escape from this vicious circle and, finally, get enough sleep. If things are really bad, then you can try a joint dream with a child. He has many opponents: someone is afraid to pinch a child in a dream, someone thinks that the kid should know his place, and it is not in the parent’s bed at all.

But the advantages of this dream are obvious. Mom does not need to get up, wake up, go to the crib, pull the baby out. She can feed the baby and at the same time hardly wake up: after all the child will find the breast and will join it. And the child in the company of mother sleeps more strongly: it is rocked by the knock of the mother’s heart, to which he is accustomed still in the womb. You can also try to sleep when the child is sleeping. The outburst of peace and gorged and fell asleep? Set aside household chores, they will wait. To feel OK, a woman (especially a nursing mother!) in the first half year should sleep soundly 5-6 hours at night and 2-3 hours in the afternoon. Therefore, you have to adjust to the child’s sleep mode. You can invite volunteers to sit with the child, take a walk with him and feed him. However, the time, which is thus released, few people spend with profit for themselves. It is not right. The mother of a small child at this time should definitely sleep.

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