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What can we do at home to keep the spine healthy and happy? Many people know the state when every movement causes pain and it seems that rock is inside of you. Bending and straightening and rotation become impossible. All these symptoms may be caused by various diseases.

The only neurologist after a serious examination will tell you what happened – it is a trauma or the effects of lifting weights, or the result of sleeping in an uncomfortable position. By the way, it does not hurt only the waist.

Very often you can have pain that shoots the cervical spine, pinches the nerves in the thoracic area. In any case, if you have the pain in the spine you have to go to the doctor.

Want to know how to get rid of back pain at home? Then you definitely need to download The Complete Back Pain Relief 4 Life Program. Ian Hart’s guide will allow you to forget about the back pain once and forever. But these simple tips will help you to keep your back in the “active” state:

Move as more as you can

The sedentary lifestyle is the first enemy. Vertebrae and intervertebral discs need to be trained and warmed up.

Specifically, exercise your abs and back

Muscles keep the spine, that is why they need to be strong to do their job well. Many people think that in order to keep your spine healthy you need to exercise only back muscles. In fact, to keep your back muscles strong, you need to train your abdominal as well so they did not give too much sag back. The muscles of the hands, chest, and legs are also important to support the spine. A coach will help you to choose the right exercises and weight at the gym.


Your muscles need not only exercise but stretching as well. An excellent choice – yoga. Pilates gymnastics is generally a set of exercises designed specifically for the back muscles. Swimming also stretches well the spine.

Watch your posture

Many people slouch and lean forward, and this poor posture usually leads to muscle tension and pain in the lower back and legs, so straighten the wings. And it is very important to lift the weight correctly – do not bend from the waist but bend your knees and keep your back straight.


Overweight is an extra load on your spine.

Dear women! If you frequently have back pain, do not wear high heels. They increase the pressure on the lower back, causing pain. Back pain is one of the most common symptoms of a wide range of diseases. Epidemiological studies conducted on a regular basis show that one-third of the population suffers from back pain.

Many doctors say that the pain in the lumbar spine is a direct result of walking because the vertical position of the body during the walk has the maximum load that falls on lumbar since it keeps the whole human body.

Back Pain Relief 4 Life by Ian Hart

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