Hypnotic Body Language Moves

To attract the attention of the opposite sex and win the chase remains for many women an impossible task. But not with the Hypnotic Body Language Moves e-book! I’m amazed at how effective this manual is. What is the difficulty when seducing a man? Not enough self-confidence? No flirting skills? Does fear prevent from appearing an indecent or even dissolving girl?

If your answers are positive, then, most likely, you are confused about the principles of communication between a man and a woman or are still in captivity of a stereotype that girls should not seduce men. On the one hand, you are right, expecting an initiative from a strong half of humanity.

On the other hand, you risk by missing the opportunity to tie the most delicious romance in your life! Learn a little more about the art of female flirting and seduction from Sharon Starr’s guide, and you will understand that this is not only an elegant and enjoyable game for two but also what men secretly want.

To not to discourage a guy at first sight from communicating with you, realize how your behavior and words look from the side. To lure a new acquaintance into your networks, you must be 100% female and act accordingly. Do you know what is the difference between seducing like a man and a woman?

Forget about the fact that the guys supposedly like active and uninhibited girls is a way how to interest another person with their personality, and you need a method of seduction, don’t you? How do men seduce women? Beautifully caring, surrounded by care, trying to show themselves strong, bold and important among all, and, of course, strive for physical intimacy.

And how do women work? Exactly the opposite. Send secret signs, demonstratively do not pay attention, sneak promising views, flirt, want to seem weak and – the key moment! – postpone as long as possible the moment of intimacy, seeking to get hold of, first of all, the imagination of a man.

And this is an absolutely right tactic, because the excitement in the mind of a guy keeps much longer than in the body, intensifying and creating their dream about possible pleasures. Thus, the correct seduction in the performance of a girl is a skillful “warming up”, preparation for sex, and not just the act itself.

When you imagine a seductive conversation as a passionate whisper, frank words or even vulgarity, then you are still very far from the delicate art of seduction by words. If you know about the power of ambiguous phrases and use them in conversation with the object of your seduction, then it is already “warmer”.

Surely you have heard that all people are divided into visuals, audios, and kinesthetics – those who perceive better through visual images, sounds and touches, respectively. So, the trick of sexual speech is to make the interlocutor-man imagine a pleasant bodily sensation – how he could touch you, how he could feel your caresses. Awaken in his mind thoughts about sex, without mentioning directly “anything like that.”

If the call of the guy caught you at home, very good. Tell him about some intimate details as if by accident: you can not go for a notebook – lie in a bath with foam, apologize and confusedly admit that at the moment you are putting on a stocking (skirt, “something”), say that you just come from shower and water drips from your hair. The question of seducing a guy whom you already met on the phone, in general, is the easiest because you do not need to portray the intricate. I hope you will succeed.

Hypnotic Body Language Moves by Sharon Starr

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