The Walking Code

By | November 6, 2018

Rob Brinded - author of The Walking CodeDiscover 100% automatic attraction system “Code Of The Natural – The Walking Code” by Rob Brinded to draw sexually charged cuties like a super-magnet. All with just a few simple tweaks to how you walk. Are women responsible for getting raped or men for raping? I think this is a pointless argument. So long as men are expected to take the lead in the mating ritual, they would have to show some sexual aggression/ overture to attract the female of the species. How much aggression is the issue. If no man had ever been successful in the conquest of a woman through conveying sexual interest forcefully then it stands to reason men would give it up. But they have been! So they continue to give it a shot, some with less than necessary force and end up in the friend zone, a few with adequate force to be liked and loved by the woman and others with more than necessary force and end up being condemned as criminals.

Women, necessarily depend on looks and dress to attract a suitable mate and therefore to say that scantily clad women are not signaling men flies in the face of reality. Often the mismatch of dress codes of different cultures is the cause by making men reading the signals all wrong, but women cannot be denied the right to attract a mate of her choice. While arranged marriages do solve the problem somewhat, they also reduce human mating to a cold social transaction at best or when it’s bad in to a business transaction. What’s the solution? The best I can come up with is to normalize sexual relations between humans by removing the need for fidelity. One reason fidelity becomes important is to protect bloodlines. Bloodline is important only to preserve inheritance of property and that can now be established through DNA testing.
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