Secret Survey

Download Michael Fiore’s ebook The Secret Survey: What Men Desperately Want You To Know But Will Never Tell You and discover the real truth about your man! Why do men lie to women? Why, basically, do people lie to each other? And is it really so terrible? What is the difference of “male lie” from “maiden little craftiness” that training for women teaches so diligently? What alluring things do men get for a sophisticated lie? First of all, we should understand what distinguishes men’s lies in women’s lie. A man is lying as close to the truth (what he personally thinks the truth is), and never adds extra details.

That is: thought to himself, believed it himself, and then he brings his idea to others as the ultimate truth. All the doubters get punched in the face. He even doesn’t waste his time to prove anything, not to mention the fact to justify himself to those who don’t appreciate and who are giggling.

A woman will pile a bunch of unnecessary details to her own little lies, will be confused in these details, she will doubt, confuse, make a fuss and, in the end, will attract a lot of attention to her untruth. She will be caught, of course, she will confess, repent, and then continue to complicate her own life. By this time a man is sure in his own rightness, and that “all of it is true”. Why do a mean lie a woman, what does it give to him? It gives these women to him. We all are familiar with a very comfortable idea of polygamy that you need to leave offspring after you, etc.

Probably, nature meant a fair fight of a male with a male to let survive the strongest one and left his offspring after him. But what is it for? People came up with the glorious word “Love” (we will not clarify who came up with it, but note that it is customary that a man declares his feelings…).

Women filled these five letters with high content: care, loyalty, etc., believed and agreed on everything. And that’s all, males’ fight is over, and polygamy has not been canceled. Do you imagine how Don Quixote looked like and thought? His fight with a mill will make any psychiatrist think.

Can you imagine how healthy his offspring was? That’s it. But how he could persuade! it seemed like he was a creature of the highest order. How nice is to understand that you’re the smartest, highly successful, reached a great deal and achieved everything.

Further, according to the list. Now is not the time and there are some difficulties. But how great my achievements were! It is a pity that you, my darling, weren’t around then. You’d see (extra bonus is that “darling” can’t check anything, believes in the word, supports, sympathizes with, washes, cleans, and pours and next on the list).

Everyday conveniences. Let’s assume what namely a woman can give the man of her dreams. Starting from childhood. You can cheat and cajole your kind grandmother and jerk fishing with the boys: she will invent something for your angry father. You think about mothers with a shudder sometimes: they believe everything without exception, doubts and the slightest sign of criticality. You simply cannot lie to them!

Telling the truth is inappropriate: if your mom gets a heart attack from the terrible news that her twenty-five-year-old son was seduced (of course!) by an 18-year-old next door girl, there will be no one to cook dinner for you. Wives and lovers is a separate category that deserves special discussion. As we have said above, women are unable to lie competently. They are trying, of course, for many centuries, but they make it stupid and without talent, earning the reputation of deceitful and hopelessly spoiled creatures.

Yes, just read the sayings of the Church Fathers! They never lie, neither to women nor to men; they always say what they think. So, incapable of anything more than strained good manners and makeup (incidentally, a little lie also!) girl gets in her prehensile paws the guy who says the words from paragraph No. 2. His mother with heart drops believes that our damsel – is heroine from paragraph No. 3, and his grandmother at this time quietens his angry father (the only one who distinguishes the truth!).

And at this point, the guy says the version of the text from paragraph No. 1 (actually, he just wanted sex, but if it is accepted…)! This is a historic moment when the girl gets the status of the wife with all the ensuing consequences but was it exactly what the man really wanted? He continues to lie, he’s solid, he is a family man. And the theory of polygamy has not been canceled!

Secret Survey by Michael Fiore

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