He’s Not That Complicated

Where and how do you find your soulmate, so that you can find true love? This question has equally concerned and guys and girls, and, oddly enough, mature men and women. The problem of the late 20th and in the 21st century is that a person develops a rhythm of life that is difficult to change on the fly. With this rhythm, one does not have quite enough time to find their love.

The vicious cycle of work, commuting, home, evening, night, home, morning, commute work makes it tough. But all is not bleak as it seems. It can seem strange, but so many of us ask: “Well, where are they?”, While they themselves sit at home and wait for their dream when the prince on a white horse will knock at her door. Familiar? Then guess. Why are have the people destined to be with each other, have not met yet.

Now begin the objections that there are no good men and if there are, they are already married. Now tell me, if there are no good guys (not left free), then where are the happiest couples in the spring in the park holding hands and constantly kissing and hugging? Why do your friends a long time already have a loved one, but you do not have one yet?

Did you understand the catch? Not yet? Then I’ll tell you. The entire prelim is with you. But it is fixable. Especially if you carefully read Eric Charles’ & Sabrina Alexis’ book “He’s Not That Complicated” and draw the correct conclusions. Let’s take a closer look at the problem so we can solve it. There are two options:

  • You are passively waiting for better times.
  • You think that because of your parameters (weight, complexion, vision, the financial component, and so on.) You can not find your love.

Passively waiting for a better time?

This problem we have already indicated a little earlier. Maybe it has already enough waiting and time to start doing something? Well, or to accept the fact and live alone for another few years, and then another and another, until you remember that you want children, when you could have had grandchildren…

Preventing the internal barrier (complex)

And the second may be the complexities that tell you how you “can not” to achieve your dreams. This is similar to the following thoughts: “She’s tall and slender, unlike me which is why her boyfriend loves her mad”, “I earn too little, when he learns this, he’ll run”, “I have small breasts and men don’t pay attention to me”, “If I was slim, he would choose me rather than her “, and so on.

It’s time to step forward and begin to change for the better. Confidence that the men around you will notice it and suitors will not stop chasing you! Good luck and happiness to you!

He’s Not That Complicated By Eric Charles & Sabrina Alexis

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