Make Him Worship You

When a man admires a woman and how to achieve it. Download Michael Fiore’s e-book Make Him Worship You and you will discover unique rules of taking control over a man’s mind! I have heard from other women multiple times that a man can treat a good woman in not a nice way. A woman that gives her man presents, gives massages and cooks delicious food does not receive the attention she deserves!

On the other hand, a man will respect and treat in the best way a woman that demonstrates her character from time to time. If it was just an exception, we would be able to find an explanation for it. For example, a man has a weak character, or a woman is a “tough cookie”. But it’s not the right answer. We cannot say that the reason for relationship issues lies in the weakness of character only.

I have told you before that men, like dogs, need to be trained. Otherwise, they will jump on the bed with dirty paws and bite their owners, just like dogs. In our life, something easily available is not valued.

Without air, a human can live only a few minutes. Therefore, the air is extremely valuable! We must thank the Universe every minute for having air to breathe. But try to remember how many times a day you actually thank the Universe, your life or God for having oxygen to breathe? I personally don’t really remember expressing gratitude for the availability of air on our planet.

Obviously, middle-aged people are particularly ungrateful if they don’t value something that their life depends on. Let’s talk about men now. You probably think that a man constantly expresses gratitude in his thoughts for the fact that you cook for him every day, let him be free of household chores, allow him to get his way in everything and all the time. Of course not! Men are even less grateful than women!

That’s why you can spend as much time and effort on your partner as possible, but he is not going to value it. All your daily efforts become “air” to him, something trivial. And people tend to not be grateful for that. Do we need to put the effort in for our loved one at all then? Do the trivial things with a positive effect need to be noticed at all?

Men do not want to value any of your actions, they don’t want to express gratitude to you because it is in their nature. Women are usually like this too. If there was a man that would do something good for a woman every day regardless of how she behaves, this woman would also take his efforts for granted and wouldn’t appreciate them anymore.

It is not easy to find men, who would spend their lives pleasing their women. Men are much more egoistic creatures than women and if they don’t get encouraged to do the right things, they are most probably not going to do anything for their women.

At the same time, when a woman does something good for a man, she expects him to be grateful. As a result, in some years she gets disappointed in men and in life.

What to do then? Nothing? If you do nothing, at some point your man will escape from you. That is why it is important to do something for your man. But you need to do it in a way that he will value your efforts and show it. Find answers for this and other questions in the book that I suggest you download.

The most important is to understand the general rule that even your best actions with time become trivial for your significant other. And when something good becomes trivial, a man stops getting pleasure from it. This pleasure loses its value for him. See you next time, my friends.

Make Him Worship You by Michael Fiore

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