Calling Men

Download Mimi Tanner’s guide and learn how to call and email the men you date. The notorious girls’ chat on the phone can play a cruel joke on you if the call is addressed to a man. If you gave your phone number and now you are waiting for a call from your new friend, it makes sense to prepare yourself for the conversation a little. The ordinary female flirtation will help to make the conversation more tempting and funny. However, there are some peculiarities. Use the following techniques and your conversation will increase the desire to see you again as soon as possible.


Be friendly and have a good mood. If you are really waiting for a call from a man you like, you can be sure that the mood will be better, even if before, it was not very good. Try to smile during the conversation, but do not force yourself too much.


It happens that a call from a man is so long-awaited that your voice involuntarily betrays your excitement. A man will hear it; he will begin to feel uncomfortable in a conversation with you. Therefore, you need to calm the treacherous tremor in the voice and to lower your voice a little, and of course, control it.


Try to keep the conversation going, however you should not chatter incessantly. If the pause is prolonged, you have to take initiative and involve the man into the conversation. Adjust to his mood, intonation and pace of speech. If you cannot think of a topic for the conversation, and you really want to hear his voice, then tell him about your impressions of a movie or a concert.


Be sure to refer to the man by name. The name is the best compliment. If a man introduced himself as Peter, then you should call him that way also. However, do not say the name too often, so it does not lose its appeal.


Etiquette dictates that the person who started the conversation should finish it. If a man asks permission to call you back, you do not need to think aloud when it will be convenient for you. Say clearly: “Is it comfortable for you to call on Wednesday at seven o’clock? Wonderful!”. If you feel uncomfortable talking now, ask the other person to call you back. However, do not speak with him and with someone else at the same time, it makes people very angry, especially men.


It is obvious that your speech should be literate. However, that is not all that matters. Try not to jump from one topic to another. Men think consistently and logically, and women might think about everything at once and at the same time. Therefore, when a woman loses her thought and returns to it later, the man does not understand what it is all about.

Calling Men by Mimi Tanner

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