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To win the heart of any beautiful girl, you need to be focused on her heart and on it only. You can be not the first handsome, you may have not a lot of money, but if a girl loves you, she will follow you to the world’s end. At the same time, if a girl won’t love you, all your efforts and money will be wasted. So you need to be a little smarter than this girl.

This is an article for caring and good guys who don’t tend to change girls. For those who want to be loved and to love only one. This article is for those who want to win a girl’s heart. Even the most handsome person can be ugly in his soul. But since girls fall in love with the soul, then you need to keep your intentions pure and innocent and only then the girl will believe you. Well, let’s not lie she will not believe you. But she will be intrigued by a smart guy with the right and gentle words.

Be romantic but not a desperate guy!

We all know why guys and girls spend time together: communication, help, understanding, common interest and sex. But if every time when you meet you will transfer the topic into a sexual innuendo, then you will look too desperate guy. You need to win her heart, her soul and mind, and only after that, she will think about spending time with you.

Therefore, you need to have more patience, use more freedom in communicating and more hidden jokes and allusions. The girl has to understand your desire, but she doesn’t have to see it. This is a hidden subtext. By the way, Chris Nova’s book “Win With Women” presents a unique method of successful dating with girls! The whole process is described with details. I recommend this guide to all my readers!

The girl willingly agrees to go to her favorite place than to the park or a cafe!

If usually guys with girls walk in parks and sit in cafes, it does not mean that you must do the same. Spend a little time to get to know her preferences. This is one of the key factors in the conquest of the girls. Just talk to her and learn how she spends her time, what inspires her, what she likes, what excites her.

For example, if a girl likes horses, it is best to arrange horseback riding than going to the movie. Remember that smart guy counts the budget for dating to achieve the maximum effect, spending the least money. Even in matters of the heart, there is a place to calculate.

Choose the right compliments

The best compliment that the girl can get: “You’re beautiful”. Everything else sounds lewd or describes just some qualities of the girl. And the beauty is in the girl no matter what she’s wearing, and how she feels. No need to describe the girl reciting great poems, just a short phrase will be sufficient. And she will be very pleased.

Never compare her with your previous girl

Well, of course, the girls are similar in something, they can behave similarly. But every girl is unique, and what you experienced with one girl, you will never have with another one. So you don’t need to compare them. And never tell them about it. First, it is disgusting. Secondly, the girl will know that You can discuss her also. Whatever happens, keep quiet and be a gentleman. They do not brag about their victories, and they never tell the vulgarity.

Don’t be a real owner; she is not your slave

A drop of jealousy embellishes and complements the relationship, but if you will be jealous of her for each post, then sooner or later she will either send you to hell or she will do as you think about her. In any case, the relationship will end. If you can’t trust her, then what kind of relationship can there be? Don’t be fooled. Don’t need to know the order of her day and call her every 10 minutes, ask where she is and how she is. She’s your girlfriend, but to win her heart you need to be confident. And confident guys don’t chase girls, girls chase them.

Win With Women by Chris Nova

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