The Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint

Many men are faced with the owner of a firm handshake. What impression that make on you? I think many would agree that the owner of a firm handshake gives the impression of a strong and self-confident person. Do you want to increase arm strength and have a strong handshake?

Then be sure to download the guide from Tony Gentilcore & Dean Somerset. This system of training will add your strength not only in the hands but in legs too. You will start feeling your body quite differently. You have my word! We proceed to the exercises to increase strength in the arms.

This is the way I learned a few years ago from one of the magazines devoted to a healthy lifestyle. In the article, the author describes a unique method by which he was able to achieve impressive results. Judge for yourself: he could bend 10 cm steel nail, as well as the 25 cent coin of our times, break a thick book and a deck of cards. And all these thanks to the phenomenal strength of his fingers. The technique itself is simple enough, but it is designed for daily training. Here I will cite only some of the most affordable and effective ones.

First, you need to learn to stand on your fists in the “emphasis lying” position, starting at 30 seconds and gradually bringing up to 3 minutes. When you learn to stand on your fists for not less than 3 minutes, you can proceed to the next exercise: perform push-ups with your fists.

When you learn how to do push-ups on fists at least 15-20 times, it is possible to develop the following exercise: perform push-ups on your fists, while for each extension arms at the elbow should be done and exhale strongly clench his fists. In this position (with fists) to stay on for 5 seconds and gradually increase the time to 15-20 seconds. Having a series of exercises, you will feel like your hands grew heavy, and my fingers were filled with force. This feeling can stay all day if you do the exercises in the morning.

As you develop with exercises, it can be more difficult due to the change in body angle. I, for example, take the position “lay emphasis” at an angle of about 30-40 degrees, when the feet are not on the floor, but on a top (you can use the sofa). So, gradually, you will be able to significantly increase the strength of arms.

The results of my friend

My close friend after about 3 weeks of daily training on the above system was able to break in front of friends a deck of cards. Then, the experiment was repeated several times. Of course, it’s not so cool, this achievement and representatives powerlifting (from the English. Powerlifting, power sport) get up to tricks stronger, but for the average person who does not have the nature of phenomenal power and performance, this result is convincing. So, go ahead and remember that those whose arm strength is not given by nature, can find its own labor and perseverance.

And it does not have to spend years or consume any anabolics. Just download Tony’s program and start training today. Strong muscular arms are the dream of every representative of the stronger sex. And this is not surprising, because hands are the main arm of man. Do not look for excuses and put off training until better times. Start improving your body today.

The Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint by Tony Gentilcore & Dean Somerset

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