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Congratulations! You are a few steps away from being able to start losing weight in the next 24 hours. What do you need for that? You only need to download the book E-Factor Diet by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. After a careful study of this guide by John Rowley, you will learn what type of diet to stick to every day to lose weight once and for all.

Everyone who’s ever been on a diet knows how hard the fight against excess weight can be. We are ready to do anything to become slimmer: play sports, new-fangled modes of nutrition… And despite all the efforts, we often lose the fight with the score 5:0 not in our favor.

Often we are so busy that remember that we need to eat when we hear heart-rending cries of our stomach. Yeah, and now it is almost impossible to deny yourself the pleasure to eat everything in the fridge or on store shelves. What food combining can we speak about now? We eat everything, unable to stop. So, rule one: listen to your appetite, avoid strong feelings of hunger, you’d better have a snack.

Try to eat less high-calorie food. For example, at lunch you can eat a kilo of carrots (you can cook delicious salad in Korean), you can heartily eat apricots, apples, pears. If you love pizza, try to find a replacement. You can cook it on the black bread, and add boiled meat instead of smoked or grilled chicken, reduce the amount of mayonnaise, but you can add many more vegetables.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Do you think healthy food can’t be delicious? You are wrong, cook porridge with dried apricots, prunes, raisins, nuts for breakfast. You’ll get really delicious! Do not skip breakfast. Consultants of the American Dietetic Association say that people, who do not eat breakfast, usually overeat at lunch. This happens even due to the fact that many people eat lunch at 13:00, 14:00 or even after 15:00.

Consequently, the first Golden rule for weight loss is being broken. The specialists of the Association also mean that it is very useful to include protein food in your breakfast. The fact is that proteins perfectly saturate the body, and contribute to the production of more energy. So after oatmeal with nuts, you will feel full of energy!

Eat foods with minimal thermal processing. Does it make sense to change healthy porridge for cookies with flavors, dyes, and other harmful additives? Isn’t it better to bake the cookies yourself? Isn’t it more useful to eat a piece of boiled meat instead of sausage?

Eat only when you feel hunger. Some of the diets indicate that you should eat every three hours, but do not follow this rule blindly. It all depends on what you have eaten. If you had a sandwich with cheese and butter, a small piece of boiled meat and a cup of tea for breakfast, maybe you will not be hungry in three hours. The best way is just to count the eaten calories.

Well, now you know the important rules for weight loss. It’s time to move to a detailed study of John’s e-book. He sorted out all questions concerning your diet for effective weight loss. Remember that we eat not to gorge on and score the hunger, but to replenish vitamins and minerals. Therefore, try to consume food that will give you the maximum benefit, or at least will not harm you.

The E-Factor Diet by John Rowley

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