The Fat Burning Switch

Friends, despite the fact that the summer has passed, the problem of excess weight still remains relevant to readers of my website. That is why I am pleased to present this brand new fat loss guide. Bon Baker, the author of this manual, developed a weight loss technique that allows guaranteed to lose up to 10% of your body weight in 60 days without any physical effort from your side.

It sounds great, isn’t it? After all, we do not always have the time and energy to visit the gym. So, be sure to download the manual as soon as possible, if you have extra weight and do not mind getting rid of it. It is well known that all the causes leading to excess weight can be divided into three groups:

  • Reasons related to food – a lot of fat and sugar in the diet, irregular meals, food is rare, frequent abundant feasts, and so on.
  • Reasons related to physical activity — low activity, sedentary work.
  • Reasons related to our psycho-emotional state – stress, worries, anguish, when the food, especially tasty one, becomes a “medicine” from a bad mood.

Typically in some combination, all these causes are present. Moreover, they clearly interact and enhance each other. For example, a person doesn’t get enough sleep and, therefore, all the time is in a bad mood. From depression is “treating” himself with excessively oily food. After the meal it feels sleepy, so, of course, he is not up for walking and exercise.

But inactivity itself prevents compliance with the rules of good nutrition: of course, boring, food is tempting. Kilograms grow. Naturally, a desire to get rid of them appears. It’s followed by a series of attempts to “sit” on a diet. The fact that you can not even cope with yourself and lose weight, increases anxiety and depression, and, therefore, the need for food, as in medicine …

Let’s not dissemble, at the basis of the weight increase is always the so-called positive energy balance – the prevalence of energy coming from food, over the consumed energy. But in any case, you should not count all the fat people as gluttons. Fat people often do not eat more than the average, but always more than they need. After all, excess weight can arise not only from an excess of nutrition but also from a lack of mobility.

Nevertheless, gluttons, as people who consume more food than the average, are common among obese people. They are not so many of them, about 15-20%. And I must say that the situation is quite favorable for weight loss. I’d say the most favorable of all. But, before moving on to specific advice, let’s discuss the following. The group of gluttons is uniform. One can distinguish at least three types:

  • Gluttons by convictions
  • Gluttons by the circumstances
  • Gluttons by unknowing

Since the main problem of gluttons is the eating disorders, the correction of the excess weight in them should mainly use their feeding behavior and preferences in the choice of dishes. When correcting the diet they lose weight very well. After all, physical activity, and hence the energy consumption are stored in full.

Often they observe a spontaneous weight loss: changing your style of food, going on a vacation, changing your job, began to live separately from the mother-in-law and within the half-one year you will lose weight without any diet. In any case, you need to understand that the problem of excess weight can be solved. Do not give up and submit to the overweight. Life is only beginning:)

The Fat Burning Switch by Bon Baker

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