Five Minute Sleep Method

There are many ways to help your child fall asleep and calm him down before going to bed. However, each one is only effective in a particular given case for a particular given child. In this brand-new guide, a unique set of techniques is presented that will surely help lull your baby. Be sure to download this guide, if you are unsure how you can help a newborn fall asleep easily and quickly.

So why is the baby not sleeping? There may be many reasons. For example, because of the weather. What does that mean? Yesterday it was cold, but today it was warm or vice versa. Cloudy weather, snow, and rain may also have an effect on an infant’s sleep. Another reason for the reluctance is tummy problems.

For example, infant colic or just stomach aches can be the reason that the baby is crying and consequently isn’t sleeping. One more cause of poor sleep can be attributed to the excessive tiredness of the child. A striking example of this problem is the presence of a large number of people in the vicinity, for example, relatives that dedicate attention to your baby.  Now, let’s move on from causes onto practice. So how would you lull a child? I only present a few methods in this article. To receive complete information, just download the manual.

Rocking the Baby

The easiest and most accessible method that is known since ancient times. It is also the most physiological since no matter what its opponents say, the baby always shook when he was in his mother’s belly because his mother always moved. You can rock the baby in your arms, the crib, the bed, special swings, the stroller, the rocking chair or in a chaise lounge. It is up to individual preferences. Personally, this method does not always work for me. Most often, it is necessary to alternate it with other methods that are listed below.


The method of our grandmothers. If the mother is shy to sing to her child, you can simply turn on pleasant, soothing music. There are many interesting lullabies on the internet for every taste.

Sound of Water

This may also include the noise of the washing machine, the dryer, and the vacuum cleaner. It is a very effective and natural method of calming the baby since the child was always exposed to a constant stream of noise inside his mommy (heartbeats, blood flow, environment sounds). This helps the baby to not only fall asleep but also just to calm down and cease crying. We take our baby into our arms and go to the bathroom. Everything is very simple. Of course, it doesn’t always help. If the child is strongly overexcited, the noise of the water will not be enough.

Tight Swaddling

This method can be used at night. Tight swaddling helps many babies sleep for longer hours at night, which undoubtedly brings joy to their parents.

Walks out in the Fresh Air

This brings benefits to not only the child but also to the mom, who needs physical exercise after giving birth to regain her form. The baby daddy or grandma can also come. You can relax this way.

Infant sleep is not as simple of a task as it might seem at first glance. During the first three months, it is starkly different from the sleep that the person will have for the rest of his life. Newborns sleep wherever and their sleep takes from twelve to eighteen hours a day. But it is not nonstop. The newborn’s rhythm of life is defined by the small stomach capacity and constant need for nutrients that ensure rapid growth.

That is why the baby’s life will be composed of the three-four hour cycles of feeding, being awake and sleeping. Discover a whole set of unique methods to help your child fall asleep. Constant sleepless nights are very excruciating. Help yourself and your baby!

Five Minute Sleep Method by Michelle Merrill

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