Food, Health and You by Carl Bamlet

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Food, Health and You is a lifestyle guide primarily focusing on diet and nutrition. Developed by Dr. Carl Bamlet, the guide has the singular objective of preventing a plethora of lifestyle diseases by eliminating the various causes and facilitators in our daily diet. Dr. Carl Bamlet is a chiropractor and a certified nutrition specialist. He is also a modern caveman.

Dr. Carl Bamlet is a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of nineteen, underwent surgeries and chemotherapy, adapted to a lifestyle that eliminates all processed foods and the various toxins that people routinely get exposed to due to the modern diet. He has been cancer free for twelve years.

He is healthy and free from the various common lifestyle diseases. Food, Health and You can prevent cancer, autoimmune diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, metabolic disorders, diabetes and many other ailments. Followers of the guide will feel enthused and lively, combat obesity and lose weight, slow down the various signs of ageing, have improved focus and the zeal to lead a healthy life.

The Food, Health, & You Complete Implementation System is split into modules. There are eight episodes titled ‘The Scary Truth about Sugar’, How to Burn Fat and Lose Weight’, ‘The Truth About Diabetes’, ‘Gut Health’, ‘Problems with Gluten and Gluten Free, What Next?’, ‘Fighting Cancer with Nutrition’, ‘Sleep, Toxins and Autoimmune Wellness’ and ‘Are Fake Sweeteners Worse than Sugar?’.

The holistic guide will help you to embark on a lifestyle that is rid of everything that ails our modern diet. The lifestyle guide does not recommend any medication or fad diets. There is no expensive proposition or quaint lifestyle changes. The different plans are easy to follow and they are relevant for people of all ages and ethnicities, regardless of their history of medical conditions.

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