Getting Pregnant Faster and Naturally

In this post, I want to share the thoughts of my good friend Regina Bryant. She is pregnant and very happy. By the way, if you want to know cool tips on how to get pregnant completely naturally, feel free to download the guide by Dr. Sarah Stewart by clicking the link below. “Starting my third trimester and while I am not complaining because I am SO lucky… I am starting to get uncomfortable. Already. With Dillon and Jack, I didn’t feel that way until the last month or so but this one has me feeling it earlier.

I am more tired than that first-trimester slump, have an infection, he is laying nice and snug on my cervix and sciatic nerve and he likes to make me eat junk food 😉 I feel like none of my clothes fit and I am over the same dresses I have been wearing. I buy these maternity clothes often and I grow out of them way too fast. All of this and I still and so thankful and grateful and try very hard not to complain or feel like I am not going to make it.

I think overall I have done pretty well for my age and how many pregnancies I have had. I guess what I am saying is… I am 39. On my 7th pregnancy and I just want to tell you youngins… DO NOT wait too long to start your families. Seriously. I was 29 pregnant with Dill (still older than most of my friends were) and it was SO much easier.

You will never be able to afford it so that is no excuse, you will never have the perfect home because any roof over a child’s head and your love is enough, you will never get back the time you took worrying about those things. It took me a long time to complete my family and I just want to put that out there.

Time is not on our side….it goes by way to fast. I hope that regret that you took too much time to decide doesn’t creep in. I am thankful every day I was given another chance and I will be forever. I just wish we would have started sooner. But hey this is my life and the choices I made are my own! I have my two little boys and another one that will hopefully arrive safely in a few months. I might be the old mom in Declan’s Kinder class but at least I can say I am a mom. Now….where the hell is the chocolate and Dr. Pepper…..If I am gonna be a chubby pregnant girl I might as well do it right!”

P.S. Common, society!! Late-term abortion shouldn’t even be a thing!! This breaks my heart that any senator would actually vote for this, and worse, that they are representing actual people’s desires. Babies lives matter. I don’t care what party you align with, let’s work to rid our world of this inhumane practice. Abortion of any baby, at any term, is murder. There is plenty of birth control out there and there is no excuse. Most of the abortions out there are done out of convenience but when someone makes a decision not to use birth control, there should be consequences.

The consequence should not be the convenient abortion and murder of an innocent baby. There are a small number of abortions of victims of rape, though this is very small. In that case…so sad. However, why not give that child the right to life? Many, many babies are still being killed in an inhumane way – I have seen horrific videos. It’s just so wrong. God help our nation!

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