Goodbye Clutter

Every day all of us are getting something unnecessary, i.e. old stuff, souvenirs, dishes, books and CDs, clothes, cosmetics, and even food… People who faced years of deprivation and scarcity are keeping such “useless” think for a rainy day; thinking that there definitely will be one moment, when such things will be on demand. There’s a very high chance that such a moment will never happen, but that useless junk will fill your home, apartment, office, garage or barn year by year, consuming life resources of its owner every day.

There’s no doubt that one can hide piles of useless things somewhere, putting them into the corners, closets, and shelves. But when a house is full of various things, it’s simply impossible to put everything in order. One can spend a couple of hours, searching for one really important thing among deposits of useless ones. Do you know that situation when your closet is full of something, but you have nothing to wear on?

A house full of obsolete rubbish can’t be really clean, even if its owner cleans it every day. Deposits of useless things attract a lot of dust and always serve as an obstacle during cleaning. And of course, cleaning in such an atmosphere requires a lot of additional time.

The mess has a tendency to grow “on its own”, attracting more and more garbage like a giant magnet. One can create a mess on a table or in a corner in just a couple of days, immediately ruining his or her mood.

One can’t relax or concentrate in such rooms full of useless stuff. Such useless things are always around you, serving as giant obstacles and taking your focus.

Feng shui fans are saying that such deposits of useless and obsolete things are preventing free energy circulation, depleting life resources of families and ruining positive life processes. Don’t you believe in feng shui? Me too, but this statement of feng shui looks pretty reasonable for me.

Nobody will neglect the fact that collecting and keeping such useless and least favorite things brings only sadness and psychological discomfort. You are always drilled from the inside by the idea that you need to find one day to sort everything, throw out useless things and finally put everything in order. But you don’t want to start it, because only sorting of these deposits of useless stuff will take so much power and time that you are simply scared of starting such labor of Hercules. Because the more you keep unnecessary things, the more your house looks like the Augean stables.

Thus, many years of family life are passing in the garbage, deposits of useless stuff, closets and corners full of something unknown and constant chaos. Such oppression of useless is more noticeable in small houses and apartments. One look at tons of useless stuff and total mess ruins your mood and causes stress. But you can live in a free, clean and well-organized apartment, which can be full of sunlight, fresh air, and nice things. It’s very easy to work, relax and create something unique in such premises.

What do you have to do? The answer is obvious, you have to remove useless things step by step, taking old junk out of your home, putting everything in order, organizing perfect storage of really important and necessary things and objects. Your life will be full of harmony. That’s why I recommend you Maria Gracia’s book “Goodbye Clutter – Clear Your Clutter The Fast And Easy Way!“. This guide helped me to put in order not only my home but my whole life 🙂

Special companies are working for decades in the USA and Europe, helping people to get rid of obsolete junk and organize remaining things and objects for their customers. But you can do everything on your own. When you start to get rid of garbage, sometimes it’s going to be very difficult to stop this process, which brings amazing and astonishing results.

Goodbye Clutter by Maria Gracia

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