Aquaponics 4 You

Aquaponics, a high tech farming technology, that combines the aquaculture –  farming aquatic animals and hydroponics – growing plants without soil.

The combination of these areas has led to aquaponics. Previously, aquaponics has the prerogative of small-scale farmers, but with increased amounts of genetically modified foods in the shops and high prices for quality products the interest to this area began to raise, in addition, the systems available to the public are constantly being improved.

By the way, John Fay’s book “Aquaponics 4 You” can help you to create your personal aquaponics system in just a few days. I highly recommend this guide to all my readers! Aqualibrium Garden System is designed specifically for urban residents who do not have time and opportunity farming food in the garden or to develop their own system of growing food at home.

One of the creators of the system, Joshua Rittenberg says: “In the cities, usually there are no conditions for growing their own food. Currently, there is not a cost-effective product in the market for the urban environment that would allow growing food using hydroponics or aquaponics.”

Rittenberg proposed the system that consists of mating modules made of transparent polycarbonate, with a compartment for keeping fish at the bottom. In Aqualibrium a symbiosis between fish and plants will be created: water is circulated through the pump from the bottom up, and when the water passes through the stage with plants, the waste products of fish are filtered out and provide nutrients to plants, and at the end, the purified water goes fishing down. If you create a large-scale aquaponics system, it is possible to provide feeding for fish.

It should be noted that this system is strangely similar to the production of products in the mailbox. In any case, it will allow consumers to control their own process of growing food, Rittenberg says, “This will allow a man to take responsibility for the production of food. GMOs, pesticides and all the negative factors associated with the mass production of food, lead to the fact that more people want to buy local products. Food grown up in this system are consumed where it produced.”

Although you will not find ratings on how many products you can grow in one block because this modular system can be increased, it can be increased that can afford to provide products for at least one person, the main thing to have enough space for installing modules. One installation with Aqualibrium Garden costs $300. Of course, if you have enough space and desire to create their aquaponics system can always do it yourself, if you have the appropriate knowledge.

Aquaponics 4 You by John Fay

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