Guide to Flying for Free

How to save some money on plane tickets? The answer is quite simple. After reading Derek’s manual, you will discover a unique system that allows you to get free flights! Try to buy round-trip tickets from one airline. This approach should also serve as a rule if you want to save some money. And it does not matter whether you buy tickets through an aggregator or directly from the airline.

In this case, the reduction in price is due to the fact that the cost of this “pack” will always be cheaper than the price to only one way. This is due to the fact that airlines deliberately set cheaper prices for round-trip tickets in order to prevent customers to buy from competitors. And, in parallel, to guarantee to fill the whole plane. Another way to reduce the price for flights is its extension over time and the use of services of different airlines, that is, the purchase of plane tickets with transfers.

Usually, airfare aggregators offer these options. In this case, the cost of the service can also be significantly reduced. However, the time for its realization, on the contrary, increases significantly. Moreover, risks such as the growth of the probability of baggage loss can be added to this or even issues related to the possible miss of a connecting flight. In both cases, one can have many problems.

Therefore, this flight option is more suitable for those who are flying alone. Getting stuck somewhere on the outskirts of Asia is not the best option. A very important moment in the process of reducing the price of flights is when you buy tickets. As a rule, you can get the cheapest flights if you buy them far in advance of the departure time. If you purchase tickets several months before departure, you can save a substantial amount of money.

Guide to Flying for Free by Derek Garrett

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