Legally Concealed

There were many cases where people were afraid to act, they did not dare use a weapon, they procrastinated, put it off to the last minute, all until it was too late. However, there are not any fewer cases where a completely unarmed people without a seemingly fighting chance to their last with several opponents had successfully fought against them.

Unfortunately, this article can not in itself change your psychology, but it contains preconditions, the answers to the most common fears, misconceptions,  and complexes associated with the use of weapons and self-defense in all.

In short, everything that can be called “blocks.” Perhaps, in this article, you will find something inherent to you, even so, which you may wonder was not a suitable situation… yet. Nevertheless, I would like to recommend EJ Owens’ course in self-defense and survival Legally Concealed. Why? The fact is that only this company has a sufficient level of professionalism in the field.

Once in a situation of crisis, it can be dire to experience the hope that someone will help protect someone who intervenes, whether it be the police, acquaintances or friends, after all, maybe even passers-by. Unfortunately, the casual passer-by is most likely to pass by, for obvious reasons, as they do not want to meddle in someone’s “disassembly”, risking their health or even their lives.

Especially that from your situation it may appear not as a conflict, but as an ordinary street talk. And in appearance to a stranger, it may be difficult to determine who the “aggressor” is and who the “victim” is.

Unless you start screaming for help, it is likely to result in the fact that the offender once you try to “calm down”, that you did not pick up too much noise. Just answer the question, would you have stepped in and tried to protect some stranger, foreign and unknown to you if he was really serious and really dangerous?

Perhaps it is you and intervenes, but in our time, unfortunately, a sense of civic duty and reciprocity is clearly not in vogue. Therefore, in the event that you should not count on much else of the same responsible and conscious person.

Hope to get help from the police, unfortunately, is also quite illusory. According to most wishes the police cannot patrol every street and at the same time protect each individual citizen – for that staff would have to be equal to the size of the protected population.

And the place “aggressors” and robberies are usually are in places where the police rarely appear. This is the specificity of street crime, sorry. One conclusion: if you want something good to do, we should do only for ourselves.

Legally Concealed by EJ Owens

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