His Secret Obsession

What do men actually want in sex? Excellent question, the answer to which every woman wants to know. In this dating guide, you will find the exact answer to this question. During practice, I often had to work with men. Sometimes I hear such revelations, that I wanted to immediately start writing romance. You know, what struck me the most? In most cases, men rarely say to a woman what they’d really like in sex.

This occurs for several reasons. Firstly, men are afraid to frighten or offend their girlfriend with their own frankness. They think: “What if I ask her about it, and she will think that I am not happy with our sex life?”. Secondly, men worry that they simply won’t be understood or will be made fun of their desires. Here we have to blame a woman.

Once a man can sharply express his expectations and emotions, and the next time you can hear in a few years, or not at all. Thirdly, the issue of male sexual preferences can be equated to the question of trust and emotional closeness to the partner. The greater is the trust between you and mutual understanding, the greater the likelihood that sooner or later you will open all of your deepest desires and dreams.

Oh, this obsession… It happens that you aspire to this person and are not even able to think about someone else. But he/she is not available, like the Fox Theater on premiere days. It’s absolutely impossible to make love with someone else: you just have to close your eyes – and there are already three of you in the bed.

There is another case: he (she) is available, and everything is fine in bed, but the relationship is cracking. You understand that you have contacted the wrong one, but there is nowhere to go – after all, it is up to him (her) to touch you, as everything else loses meaning and significance. Or, on the contrary, acquires? Try to figure it out…

What happens after all? This can be called a certain addiction. Obsession, or what? After all, not always this state is preceded by love, most likely it is some kind of sexual addiction. Can this phenomenon be explained? I think yes. Simply, people differ significantly from each other in terms of erotic excitability and sexual desire.

It is known that love is different. For example, passionate feeling, the need for possession. Or vice versa, unselfish love, dedication. Love is a game or a friendly feeling based on mutual understanding.

There is also mania – a special type of love, meaning complete dependence on a loved one. Romantic, but very painful condition! And in fact, if love means such a terrible obsession, it has very little chance of success. Very few people are really capable of a long and passionate feeling. Most people have passion only for a while, and then everything cools down, it becomes ordinary.

Here it can be said that passion should not be fully satisfied, otherwise it will fade away (“a few pretty things”). It turns out a contradiction – on the one hand, a person seeks to enjoy all the charms of love, and on the other – this desire leads to its extinction. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow.

The rupture of love relationships occurs in different ways, but in most cases it’s painful. According to studies by Western psychologists, by mutual agreement, people part only in 15% of cases. More often it happens that one still loves, and the other is already striving for a break.

The sadness and suffering of an abandoned lover sometimes strongly resemble a reaction to acute grief: after shock and stupor, a period of painful memories begins and only after that emotional balance returns.

Whether love, at first sight, is a valid reason for marriage, no one can definitely say, even a psychologist or a family and marriage counselor. But nevertheless, both theoretical experts and practitioners in love admit that there are incomparably more chances to “run into” at first sight.

By the way, women are disappointed much more often than men. And although, of course, it is foolish for a lover, who does not quite understand what is happening to him, to postpone the wedding, he should be warned nonetheless. After all, from the fact that the marriage ceremony will take place later, love will not suffer.

I was very lucky, in the field of counseling, I often hear such revelations. Men, who come to the consultation and training, often ask me how to ask their girlfriend to do this or that in bed? To help understand it James’ manual will be handy.

His Secret Obsession by James Bauer

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