Text That Girl

Don’t even think about writing the following text messages to your girl, because you will soon know exactly what to write her to make her forget about all the other guys and make her beg you to see her! Now close your eyes for a moment and imagine an attractive girl in front of you. Maybe it’s a particular girl you’ve met recently, but maybe it’s a cute fictional girl. It is very important to do it now! Imagine that she gives you her number.

You’re happy and think – that’s it, I got a date. But if a girl gives you her number, for her it is not a promise to see you again. Her phone number is just a chance for you to prove to her that you’re the best guy of all the candidates. And if you won’t be able to show it in the near future, then you will become unattractive to her. Even if you have already had a date. I’m sure you were in a situation when you were sitting with a phone in your hand and didn’t know:

  • How to impress her?
  • To call or to write?
  • What to write in a text message?

In any case, you haven’t seen this girl again or you have no longer seen her after the first date because you seemed unsuitable for her needs. To learn how to write correct text messages to girls, I recommend you download the book Text That Girl, by Race de Priest. The author of this eBook is a true expert in the field of the seduction of girls via text messages.

Girls love to correspond via text messages. Girls send text messages two times more often than guys. This is a great opportunity to communicate with girls. And there are 5 more amazing reasons why you now have to keep the phone at the ready to send a text message to the desired girl.

No pressure! I stopped being nervous completely when communicating with the girls. Two whole cell phones are between me and the girl. It’s much easier to write a text message than to conduct private communication when a girl is standing right in front of you…

You have time to come up with a cool message to reply. You carefully think about everything and make an excellent impression on the girl.

Say goodbye to awkward pauses in conversations. Perhaps you encountered such a situation when you hung out with a pretty girl and sometimes there were awkward pauses in a conversation. You don’t know what to say, and the girl is also silent. This never happens in the correspondence via text messages.

It’s easy for the girl to communicate with you because all that you do is send her short messages that are easy to answer.

You tell her all the right things about yourself. In the text message, you can show her all the attractive male qualities that you want to show. In a face to face conversation, you need to watch both your body language and internal state to prevent the girl from suddenly suspecting a trick. So you can write just a couple of right words in the text message to spark her interest.

Imagine that today 15-20 guys are actively writing text messages to the girl that you liked. And the same every day! Do you think you can win this fight? I’ll tell you a secret. You will win only if you memorize the book Text That Girl. Remember, knowledge is power.

Text That Girl by Race de Priest

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