Kachin Diabetes Solution

PDF book download! Kachin Diabetes Solution, by John Gootridge. How about we start to focus on the good? I’m able to crush a workout on the stairmaster, stationary bike or elliptical. I don’t have any weakness in my body. My heart is so healthy, strong & incredibly brave for always staying open despite all it’s been through.

I am blessed to fuel my body with healthy meals. I was so privileged to graduate from the top schools in my industry. I have no complications from diabetes despite battling it for 16 years. I have the honor of caring for other human beings and helping them navigate shitty health issues. I am alive, I can walk, and I am free…
Rather than judging these statements, take a turn to acknowledge how fortunate you are too. It can always be worse. We could be trapped in war-torn Syria or have very low access to healthcare in Nicaragua. We could be imprisoned or beaten for what we wear. We could be homeless in America. We could be comatose or immobile indefinitely…

Is life easy right now? If you’ve been following along, you know the answer is hell no. But it’s imperative to keep perspective. It can always be worse, and you should always recognize your privilege and opportunities to be happy & healthy…

John Gootridge’s Ebook “Kachin Diabetes Solution”

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