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How about we start to focus on the good? I’m able to crush a workout on the stairmaster, stationary bike, or elliptical. I don’t have any weakness in my body. My heart is so healthy, strong & incredibly brave for always staying open despite all it’s been through.

I am blessed to fuel my body with healthy meals. I was so privileged to graduate from the top schools in my industry. I have no complications from diabetes despite battling it for 16 years. I have the honor of caring for other human beings and helping them navigate shitty health issues. I am alive, I can walk, and I am free…

Rather than judging these statements, take a turn to acknowledge how fortunate you are too. It can always be worse. We could be trapped in war-torn Syria or have very low access to healthcare in Nicaragua. We could be imprisoned or beaten for what we wear. We could be homeless in America. We could be comatose or immobile indefinitely…

Is life easy right now? If you’ve been following along, you know the answer is hell no. But it’s imperative to keep perspective. It can always be worse, and you should always recognize your privilege and opportunities to be happy & healthy.

There are researches that Type 1 diabetes is inherited from the parents: a mother with diabetes increases risk of diabetes by 3-7%, but a father with diabetes increases risk of diabetes by 10%. In the cases when both parents have diabetes, then it increases risk by 70%. The risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, if either mother of father has diabetes increases risk of diabetes by 80%. If both parents have (or had) type 2, the likelihood of their child developing the disease is 100%, but in the adulthood.

Well, the doctors calculate different percentages, but the only thing they agree is that genetics is the main factor in the diabetes developing.

The body mass index plays a strong role in the chances of diabetes developing, if it is more than 30 kg/m2 and obesity is abdominal in nature (when the body shape looks like an apple). The waist size is important too. Men whose waist size is over 102cm are more likely to develop diabetes than those with a smaller waist size. Women with a waist over 88cm are more likely to develop the condition, too.

It turns out that being fit is not only a fashion statement, but also a real way to protect yourself from diabetes. Fortunately, this factor can be neutralized if a person will fight with excess weight ( and win this fight).
Pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer and other endocrine glands diseases: everything that provokes pancreatic dysfunction contributes to the development of diabetes. By the way, a physical injury often can contribute to pancreas damage.

Diabetes written in the genes may not reveal, if one of the following factors does not trigger it: stress, sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, lack of opportunity to breathe fresh air and spend time in nature, smoking. All these troubles of city living only increase the risk.

Kachin Diabetes Solution by John Gootridge

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