Mala Mantra

Don’t miss this great opportunity: experience the peace and joy of the Mala, realign your root chakra, and fix your life, with free shipping.

No matter how much you work at yourself, your root chakra — your Muladhara — is probably unbalanced. This causes the blockages in your life, the shortcomings, the constant stress: according to Eastern spiritual traditions, your Muladhara is the place where your earliest memories are stored, and blockages cause neediness and self-destructive behaviors.

While using a Mala while you meditate or chant, moving through and counting each bead with your hands, you can realign your root chakra, and realign your life. This is the perfect Mala to get you started. Handmade from dark red sandalwood, each bead is endowed with the healing mystical energies of this ancient tradition, brought to your home.

Purchasing new Malas can break the bank, if you’re not careful, so seize this great deal while it is available: at a giveaway price of only $17 dollars, with free shipping included. In addition, each set of Mala beads sold will include a set of instructions on how to use your Mala, and a Crystal Bowl Mala Chant Meditation.

The man behind Mala Mantra Package is a Spanish composer named Dmitry, who goes into a deep state of meditation before writing every piece, in order to make sure that his mind is in the right place to craft spiritually healing music; the voice of your mantra, in this recording, is a musician, artist, and Reiki master named Maris. Together with them, your Mala, and yourself, you can begin the path to healing.

So don’t be afraid if you’re a newcomer: the door to peace and enlightenment is open to everyone. Feel strong. Be secure. Find alignment. Begin the next chapter of your life today.

Mala Mantra by Liz & Ric Thompson

Mala Mantra book cover
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