MI40 CEP Training Program

Many people wonder how often they need to show up at a gym to pump up the muscles. The answer to this and many other questions about the training you will find in the program MI40 CEP Training. This guide from Ben Pakulski is one of the most advanced in the world of fitness. It will help you to pump up the muscles making them look big and full. I recommend this program to all guys!

By the way, take attention that newcomers need more time to recover, so we recommend you to train every three days and alternate the training. Try to minimize any other sports activity during the rest day.

If you do not like, for example, to train in a chessboard pattern, make sure you observe this rule – the time between workouts should be at least 48 hours. More frequent training will lead you to a negative effect on muscle development.

Warm up and the start of a training session

If you come to the gym from cold, start with cardio training to warm-up for 5-10 minutes, but if it warm outside, it is not necessary for cardio exercises – warm-up sets before training will be enough. As a hitch after the super-power loads use a 5-10 minute easy stretching.

Each exercise begins with three warm-up sets. The first – repeating mechanics exercise without any weight within 30-45 seconds, the second – with a training weight of 50% and 12 repetitions, the third – with a  training weight of 70% and 10 repetitions

Duration and breaks

Rest interval between sets is at least 90 seconds, during this time you have to walk and warm you up to a little, don’t sit or lie, dialing your friends on your mobile phone. The break between the different exercises – three or four minutes.

The duration of training is 45-50 minutes. Do not be tempted to make a few sets on your hands, and once you have finished the last exercise, make the cooldown exercises and go home. If you still have a lot of power, it means you didn’t use a proper weight.

Can I change the exercises?

The main reasons for the exclusive use of basic exercises consist in the fact that they help our body muscles to work in a complex that creates a sporty posture; plus, they will enhance the work of the central nervous system, which leads to the production of growth hormones. The proper performing of all basic exercises involves working all the muscles of the body, including the press, and hands.

Golden Rules to muscle building

The proper technique of exercise performance. Remember that even the smallest mistakes can cause serious injury, and be sure you know how to perform the exercises correctly before you increase the weight.

Increase weight for every exercise every workout. If you want your muscles to grow they need a progressive load. Start with four repetitions, during the next training increase it to six, only then increase the weight and then do four reps. The figures write into your training diary.

Safety during exercise performance. Be sure that you use a limiter in all simulator exercises, in case you fail to lift it up or train with the coach, that will spot you.

MI40 CEP Training Program by Ben Pakulski

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