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When resorting to magic, people often ask higher powers for two main things – health and money. Strange as it may seem, it is much easier to get the first than the second. It is so because people seeking to get material benefits from life often formulate their desires incorrectly. In fact, the world and subtle matters are arranged to fulfill any message sent to them from a pure heart. So what is wrong with money, and despite all magical rituals, why does it not rush into our lives?

The Correct Wording

When addressing the higher powers, one must remember that there is no such thing as money in the subtle world. There are no dollars, euros or gold bars, so it is pointless to ask for money. You will not be understood, and therefore you will not be given anything. The same principle works when someone asks the Universe for wealth. In our society, being rich means having some tidy sum of money in your bank account. But the higher powers look at the question differently.

Richer means more experienced, wiser, more patient, etc. After a ritual or conspiracy, a person hoping to get material wealth suddenly gets many events, sometimes not the most pleasant, dubious acquaintances.

It seems that something incomprehensible happens, but the Universe believes that it has fulfilled all its promises: it has sent the petitioner events and people who will enrich his experience, help to develop new, missing qualities.

Ask With Your Soul

Another main condition that helps wishes come true is the sincerity of the petitioner. In this case, the Supreme Powers listen to your heart, not your mind. Only the soul is able to transmit pleas for something to the Universe, and they will certainly be heard. But requests for material goods, for money, are dictated by the mind, not by the soul. Therefore, they often just dissolve, never reaching their goal.

Can you think about what the purpose of money is? To please the body: to put on better clothes, to drive in an expensive car, to enjoy vacations at luxurious resorts.

The soul, if we understand it, is deeply indifferent to all this; no money of the world entices it. Higher powers are waiting for desires, which your inner nature demands, but not the external pampered shell. By the way, Vincent Smith’s eBook “Midas Manifestation” can help to manifest money directly into your life.

What About Material Requests?

Is there really no way out and is it possible to reach material prosperity only by sweat, blood and hard work? In fact, magic helps to find prosperity, but only for those who ask correctly.

Do not spend nights in front of candles, asking the Universe for a position of a boss. Formulate it differently: ask for the development of the inherent quality in any boss – responsibility. Do not ask for a prestigious job that will pay a fabulous salary. Ask the Universe to help you develop the innate talents that you possess – it will lead you to success in this industry, and with success comes wealth.

And most importantly, you should desire what you are asking for with all your heart. The Universe can sense a trick, even when you assure yourself that this is your fondest dream. Many aspirations are imposed on us by society, friends, parents, the other half, but our soul does not strive for this.

If the desire is not fulfilled in any way despite the efforts made, then this is not your desire. Financial prosperity can be easily achieved if it coincides with your inner aspirations. Therefore, to get the key to the world’s riches, look for the way to your inner needs first.

Midas Manifestation by Vincent Smith

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