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By Donna Jean | March 25, 2019

Jake WhiteMushrooms are a useful product and loved by many. In the US, they grow everywhere, but their season is too short – two, maybe three months of the year we have the opportunity to collect fresh mushrooms. All the rest of the time we’ll have to “enjoy” the salted, dried or pickled ones, as well as buy champignons at the store … or grow by yourself! You ask how? To get started, download the book ‘Mushroom Growing 4 You‘ by Jake White. From this e-book you will learn a lot of useful information that will allow you to grow mushrooms at home.

Why do it? Let’s limit to a simple one: “I just want it all!”. In fact, there are two main factors. Firstly, it is more environmentally friendly and safer than buying mushrooms, because you are absolutely sure that they are not collected along the road and they do not exhaust the layer.

And secondly, if you are just an avid mushroom and mushrooms of your life, the only one confined seasonal picking mushrooms is after the rain, and they’re not enough for you. Self-cultivation of mushrooms is very symbolic and unusual, because for the most part, people grow in their areas of cucumbers, tomatoes and various herbs, zucchini, eggplant, etc. While you -. MUSHROOMS! The product is of a “wild” forest by origin, which grows directly on your site! One of the arguments in favor of growing mushrooms by yourself if a price issue.

Especially in late autumn, when the market comes ceps and chanterelles, the price of which is obviously too high, and enjoying this delicacy is not as cheap as we would like it to be. In addition, you can make good money. In the end, it’s just an interesting exercise that does not require special efforts. Today it is not so difficult to breed fungi. A small garden, a balcony or a suitable room in the house is enough.

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