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Small penis is a male sexual organ that has stretched or erect length of less than 9.5 cm. The term “micropenis” refers to the penis, which with the largest stretching has the size of 2.5 standard deviations below the average age norm. The presence of small penis and micropenis have a negative impact on men’s self-esteem, and in some cases – on the reproductive functions, it precludes the conduct of full-fledged sexual life.

Diagnosis of possible causes of deviation from the norm is performed by the urologist-andrologist and includes a study of the hormonal profile, ultrasound of the penis and the scrotum. Small increase in the size of the penis is possible with the methods of phalloplasty (lengthening of the penis, ligamentum, penile prosthesis, etc.).

The small penis syndrome is a collective concept of the states in which reproductive function of a man is disturbed and normal sexual life becomes impossible due to the size of the penis. A micropenis is pathology, which arise as a result of endocrine disorders during embryogenesis, in other cases a small penis is the result of underdevelopment of this organ. Average size of penis in erect state is equal to 14 cm, and the lower limit of normal is considered to be a penis with a length of 9.5 cm.

That is, the penis of less than 9.5 cm is called a small penis. True small penis should not be confused with the term “false micropenis” – the latter condition is common in men with obesity who have a visual shortening of the penis due the overhang of skin and fat folds. By the way, Earl Anderson’s book “Penis Supersizer” describes the unique method to increase penis size at home.

Causes of small penis

If the size of a penis in a stretched condition is at 2.5 standard deviations less than the average size of a particular age, such condition falls under the concept of a micropenis or a micropenia. Today there are more than 20 of congenital abnormalities, which are characterized by impaired production of sex hormones, and therefore cause the clinical picture of a small penis, and in some cases it may cause infertility. The revealed morbidity is about one case in five hundred new-born boys, but the true figures are somewhat higher.

Some part of boys has this syndrome undiagnosed because the doctors do not have the right skills and they are able to allocate only the cases of small penis syndrome, which have distinct clinical manifestations. In order to identify all cases, boys have to visit a pediatrician and an andrologist-endocrinologist, because if the small penis syndrome is diagnosed before 14 years of age, this treatment is more effective than the treatment at the period of puberty..

3-4 years old boys who have the kallmann syndrome, fall under the attention of an urologist due cryptorchidism; in this disease the testicles do not descend into the scrotum and are located in the abdominal cavity. Surgery for prolapse of testicles into the scrotum is not enough because in the presence of the kallmann syndrome formation of pituitary cells, which are responsible for the synthesis of hormones that stimulate the production of testosterone, is violated. In a later age it becomes the cause of the small penis syndrome.

And in the age group of 18-25 years this issue is particularly bright, as the young man notices a difference in the development of his reproductive organs and organs of his peers, and the treatment of small penis syndrome involves great difficulties. Inferiority complex is forming gradually: young men become closed, they narrow their social circle, refuse to go to gyms and swimming pools.

Young people with small penis syndrome avoid dating and any communication with the girls, try to choose a profession that does not require frequent verbal contact with people. Isolation and deep depression are often a frequent cause of organic lesions of the psyche and these men need the help of psychiatrists..

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