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By Donna Jean | March 25, 2019

Mark DentonWhat people are saying about this PDF guide? Ted G. says: “Dear Mr. Denton, After having taken my first oral board interview this fall and walked away from it absolutely knowing that I failed it. I was quite upset that the career I’ve been preparing for and going to school for over the last six years was so suddenly out of reach. I found your webpage in December and was reluctant to download your guide, as many of these so called “all in one guides” are a gimmick, and I have been subject to buying total wastes of time before. But, I’m set on becoming a police officer and I’m wiling to do just about whatever it takes to accomplish that goal. I purchased your guide and I was highly impressed with t.

I studied it and followed your advice and took another oral board this Monday. I waked into the room with confidence and I walked out with even more confidence. and a smile ear to ear. The facial expressions on the officers sitting on the board was one of pleasant surprise, and I knew I had passed before I left the room I just wanted to write you and thank you for your help and say that your literature was worth every penny. I don’t have a job yet, but I’m slotted to take a polygraph here in a week or so and I owe you for that opportunity. Thank you so much!”. And Seth says: “Hello Mark, Thanks for the information. I have read your book several times now. It is excellent. Just a heads up, I did get my letter confirming that I have passed the interview process, and my full background has started. YEA! You seem like a very good man. Thanks for your help. I want you to know that believe this profession is the most honorable profession in our society. I have written all the questions down from the interviews that I have done. If I can give you any questions at all, please let me know. Once again, Thank you very much…. “. So what are you waiting for? Download now!

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