Revive Her Drive

Is there no passion in your relations? It’s not a problem! The Revive Her Drive program will show you how to bring it back. And now you can read 25 tips, which will help you to bring the passion back.

Flirt! Try to talk with your husband the very same way as it was on your first date: listen to him carefully, smile, look at him in a special manner. Forget about routine and usual intonations, imagine that he’s the man, which you need to conquer.

Talk with your husband and create a new and innocent “code phrase”, which you will use for sex description. Use it in public. Feeling of a mystery and forbidden topics are exciting.

Write romantic SMS. Hero of an amazing “What Men Talk About” movie was sad that his wife was sending him routine messages, e.g. shampoo, toilet paper, soap… Write to him something really amazing or even sexy!

Make professional photo shoot with an amazing photographer together with your beloved one and don’t forget to publish the best photos on your page in social networks – likes will improve your self-confidence, as well as your mood.

Make a tour on a weekend, you can visit even a neighboring city. The new atmosphere liberates and brings diversity. Rent a luxurious room in a hotel for just married and celebrate this happy, even not so “round” date.

Go on a date with your husband, the real date. Think about places to visit in advance. Take a half-day time off and spend it at home together. Go to a cinema for a drama: morning time, places for kissing and memories about your first date will make such a meeting unforgettable.

Ask him to buy you a SPA certificate for the next celebration. Go there together. Jump with a parachute together with your beloved. Do sports: skiing, skating, cycling, jogging, even just jogging together. This improves your shape, feel, and increases libido (of course if you are not running a marathon).

Try pair dances – the best variant is in a studio with a teacher, but you can do it just at home – this is a good way to forget about everyday problems and think about love. Read together “Kamasutra”, “Tao of Love” or other similar things. Try to realize some methods in real life.

Visit a sex shop. The website is fine too in case if you are shy or shop is too far. Try to play role games: let him chose an idea of your game. Talk with him through SMS, discussing the most outspoken themes. Make a home movie and watch it. If you don’t want to watch it, just use a camera, because it will excite you.

Try to avoid any critics for a week, telling him just compliments. This will excite him more than any panties with tones of laces. Put a love letter in his pocket. Make spontaneous sex. E.g. in the morning before breakfast or in the evening when he’s watching a football game.

Make temporary changes in your look: hair color, perfume, style of dress, and so forth. A new woman can make new and provocative things. Forget about stuffed birds and “funny” boxers with hearts. Give him a certificate with three sexual wishes.

Make a tasty and beautiful breakfast with fresh pastries and coffee, bringing it to his bed. Love and attention are much more effective than oysters and other aphrodisiacs.

Write him a letter, telling him about your love and describing the history of your relations from the very beginning till today.

Believe me, one can return passion into his or her relations. The best way to do that is to read and learn Susan’s guide. I’m really sure that very soon your relations will start to improve and you will be happy together again. Thank you!

Revive Her Drive by Susan Bratton

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