Revolutionary Sex

Too many men are wondering, “How to please a woman in bed?” But think, not every hungry person can be a great cook, right? And not every man can be a wonderful lover. But you can help a man become such a lover of that is needed for you. To do this, first off, you ought to understand what is preventing you from fully getting enjoyment in bed.

You have to know your body and tell your loved one that you are waiting for lovemaking. An excellent solution is also the careful study of the book Revolutionary Sex 3.0. The author of this guide is a real guru in the field of sex. Alex Allman’s eBook is required reading for every man!

It is known that women are easily distracted while making love by surrounding sounds, so it should not be quiet in the bedroom. Create music for lovemaking. Pick unobtrusive, not too upbeat music that will not distract you. Very well suited for background music in the bedroom French chanson or old Latin American compositions.

Why do men immediately after kissing “go for the kill”? Slow down a little bit, even if you yourself want to jump into action. Remember, the hungrier you are, the tastier the food is. Even if a man is capable of making love several times a night, do not put “getting pleasure” off for later. Take your right, do not be afraid to offend a man when asking him to wait for physical sexual intercourse. If he loves you and wants to give you pleasure, then he will listen to your requests.

Admit it, after all an excited man and excites you too? Foreplay before physical sex is what you need. The majority of men who consider themselves noble lovers, most likely have been reading relevant literature, however, most do not know how to apply this knowledge in practice. There is the same sense of women and of the female body, traditionally considered erogenous zones, not all women react equally to the touch of the same man.

A woman’s breast is almost always considered the most important female erogenous zone. This myth was invented by men. It is just that they themselves love women’s breasts, and they cling to it with adult force and begin to carefully squeeze. Do you like that? If you do then that’s great. If not, why not say it to your man. There is no need to deprive a man of pleasure to touch your breasts. Try to change the way he caresses them.

The pleasure you get when a man pets your breasts with a wide-open palm or drags his finger or tongue around the nipple. Kiss her in between her breasts, too, to add to your excitement. You will receive more pleasure if you get your man to caress your breasts from behind while kissing the back of the head, shoulders, and neck. This part of the female body has many erogenous points.

Your loved one like to caress your stomach, but you do not enjoy it? Do not worry, ask him to stroke your body closer to the sides, this a large female erogenous point. Also, if he is kissing your stomach, and both slightly compress your hips it will add pleasure for you.

Listen to your body during sex: if you liked any action by your man let him know with a groan or a word. He will repeat it again and it will give you affectionately unearthly pleasure.

Revolutionary Sex by Alex Allman

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