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The ability to be independent, without the help of parents, is an important attribute of “maturity”. The desire to see your child proudly sitting on the potty, and just as proudly pulls up their underpants which are absolutely dry, is just unbearable. From this point on, the road to potty training your child has started.

However, going on this journey, something should be clearly understood: it will be some time before the baby comes to the final goal. You must be sure to be with him. Are you ready for this journey? Then, let us sit down, before this road and think. Do you know many children who went to school at the time they were not able to defecate on their own? At least in the case of a child who went to a regular school, there are children.

You have to firmly realize that if a child has no severe congenital or acquired pathology, then sooner or later they will learn to control their needs and become a full member of society. But in this context, what does it mean if they are “early or late”? When is it sooner? Six months, a year? How long is it late? Three years, four?

And the answer is obvious. There is no right answer. For all defined, you need to determine exactly your own personal views on the timeline and when is appropriate. I emphasize again, it is personal to you! It should not consider the opinion of my grandmother, who clearly explains that all her five children at one year of age were able to wipe themselves and were not spoiled with harmful and worthless diapers.

According to my persistent neighbor, she estimated that over the past six months, she was able to save on diapers, the amount equal to 20 packages of detergent. However, there is no definitive statement from prominent specialists stating that diapers are harmful and “you should be ashamed for using it for such a time.”

You must clearly define the immutable rule: it is your child, it is you who spends the money on their clothes and diapers, this is you who should decide to withhold something from your child. When and how your child will defecate is a domestic affair of your family.

From the previous rule, there is an exception. Processes rimmed with physiological needs are an internal affair of your family only, provided that they do not affect the existence of other families. The situation in which the child is urinating outside the neighbor’s door is not normal. However, these exceptions only confirm the general rule.

So you’ve decided that it’s really time. First, something you should know: something that may not be necessary to know. If you’ve never acquainted yourself with the rules of potty training, or never opened books with wise instructions, and you jump to action immediately without instructional theory, then progress will come to you… after some time. Yes, there will be problems, disappointments in yourself and the child, several arguments, but the end result is predetermined.

Limit the number of practical failures and misunderstandings that can be obtained in time by means of theoretical information. I strongly recommend that you download Carol’s guide, to limit these means. You will find a unique system that allows you to quickly potty train your child. This eBook is a huge success among young parents. I wish you good luck. Thank you!

Start Potty Training by Carol Cline

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